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    Hey ,

    I was very disappointed NOT to the see the kindle app on the playbook when I first bought it. A girl friend of mine is going on a girl's holiday for a week, so I asked her could I borrow her kindle for the week . Just to get an idea of what it might look like on the playbook. She is reading a book now and recommended it to all her friends including me to read it. Its called -

    Stronger - your new life awaits you

    To be perfectly honest I thought it would be useless or some girly book but in the end I liked it so much I downloaded it to my blackberry so I could try out more of the stuff the author talks about. The girls love it cause of some new diet in the book that requires no exercise and only cutting down on your food a little bit . Its the best diet ever and has other brilliant stuff too, Mel told me.
    Anyway back to the point because I am rambling. She is back this Sunday so can anyone recommend a good book like the one above . Which turned out to be a good surprise. Also if I spend more than 20 euros she will punch the head off me . HAHA ya right Mel.
    I have given ye all a good book , I liked it anyway so check it out guys and please recommend some other good books too.

    UK link ...

    STRONGER Your New Life Awaits You eBook: Gerry O Reilly : Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store

    USA link ...

    Amazon.com: STRONGER Your New Life Awaits You eBook: Gerry O Reilly : Kindle Store
    07-12-11 02:22 PM
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    With 185 posts you spam in the Apple Iphone forum at that.......

    Just so there is NO confusion

    07-13-11 10:07 AM