1. cbaccam23's Avatar
    Just checked my status today....
    10-10-11 08:54 PM
  2. dalton4L's Avatar
    Nah, you will.

    EDIT: Welcome to the "dark," yet more prosperous, fulfilling side.
    10-10-11 09:03 PM
  3. cbaccam23's Avatar
    Hope so! Ordered it Friday at 7am.
    10-10-11 09:05 PM
  4. dalton4L's Avatar
    Hope so! Ordered it Friday at 7am.
    Yeah no worries then. If they're like Sprint they'll overnight it.
    cbaccam23 likes this.
    10-10-11 09:19 PM
  5. foxpat220022's Avatar
    i have that same thing on mine same exact phone as u orderd i hope i get it this week
    10-10-11 09:34 PM
  6. cbaccam23's Avatar
    yea ill be quite dissapointed if i dont get it friday
    10-10-11 10:22 PM
  7. djm1947's Avatar
    You should get it. When I ordered one for my wife on Friday evening from Verizon I was told that the 16 gb was already back ordered. I wanted a 32 gb for her, so we were ok. They were watching inventory pretty closely, at least attempting to manage expectations.
    10-10-11 10:41 PM
  8. babychan's Avatar
    My order is still on proecessing too and next to it says ships by 14th oct.

    Anyone in UK get a tracking number yet?
    10-11-11 05:18 AM