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    Sorry I'll try to explain:

    While it's not usually used in North America; the CDMA specification (Used by Verizon and Sprint) allows for use of a card similar to a SIM card, which can be removed from one device and installed into another compatible device in order to change handsets without calling your carrier.

    Does the iPhone 4s support this? thanks.
    10-15-11 06:48 PM
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    No, it only uses the SIM for roaming capabilities/overseas. Its a Roaming SIM
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    10-15-11 06:59 PM
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    darn. I was hoping the iPhone 4s would implement CSIMs

    Then if you decided to switch carriers, you could switch to ANY that provided a MicroSIM/CSIM card (once the iPhone is unlocked, of course)

    And just to be sure, can you verify that a Sprint or Verizon iPhone 4s will still have data when the roaming sim is removed?

    10-15-11 10:16 PM