1. nycboy21's Avatar
    Hey guys, i'm new to the forum, I know this has probably been posted earlier but i searched and I could find it. I have a macbook pro running on OS X 10.6. I read earlier that a desktop manager would be released for mac in September and I haven't heard anything about it since. I was wondering if anyone could update me on what's going on or send me a link to where I can find out whats going on. Thx guys
    09-26-09 04:35 PM
  2. SurrealCivic's Avatar
    It was supposed to be released yesterday, Friday, September 25th. However, there is a delay. Nobody knows how long the delay is going to be.

    If you search CB, you can find threads and links for a leaked version which works just fine.
    09-26-09 04:41 PM
  3. nycboy21's Avatar
    ook thx bro
    09-26-09 04:42 PM
  4. wano's Avatar
    when is it coming for snow leopard?
    09-27-09 09:08 PM
  5. Coruptyed's Avatar
    apparently it works pretty well too, friend messaged me and told me he has had no problems yet
    09-27-09 11:26 PM
  6. mtrapani's Avatar
    it is nice. Works well
    09-28-09 04:24 AM
  7. thinkamp's Avatar
    The DM should be out within a month...thats what I heard from very good sources.
    09-28-09 09:29 AM