03-30-11 10:41 AM
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  1. tedzone's Avatar
    I just sold my ipad 64 gb wifi on craigslist for $ 550 .

    They hold there value too..

    Ill have to wait a few days for my new one.

    When the ipad 3 comes out ill just sell my ipad 2.

    its a simple process.....
    Yeah, nice call!! In reality you're only renting it for a year. It's your price, minus what you get for it in a year, equals your yearly rental amount!! LOL

    And there's the whole other market of people picking up the pre-owned ones that are relatively new and recent technology without getting cracked full pop. Everyone is happy
    03-24-11 12:11 PM
  2. MichaelPayton21's Avatar
    I've had my iPad 2 for just over a week now and love it to death. My first Apple toy since my old b&w click-wheel iPod. Got a manly white model, just like the good guys wore in old cowboy flicks. Go ahead, call the Duke a girl for wearing white. :P

    I found a great comic book reader application for it last night. Its sooooo nice to be able to carry around such a nice device that can hold so much of my entertainment at once. Stable OS (no Android, thank you very much), so everything runs like butter. Games, HD movies, music, books & comics. And that's all without a wifi signal.

    My 17" laptop is now TOTALLY a desktop PC now. I never want to lug that thing around again.

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  3. LazyStarGazer's Avatar

    My wife tried out her BFF's iPad 2 weeks ago and loved it!
    She Said " We have to get one of these."
    Great, right? Not so much.

    Now 'Its too much money". So I either have to try and change her mind...
    Or just go buy one anyway and deal with the fallout.

    I heard what is probably an old quote last week that seems very appropriate.

    "Better to seek forgiveness, than beg for permission."
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  4. ekafara's Avatar
    I was in Boulder when it dropped, and there were folks lined up at the store at 5pm waiting to buy one, maybe 30-40. I iPad is a lot like the iPod back in around 2003: First bigtime hard drive MP3 player, but the competitors came at it fast and furious. I had a Dell DJ then (way better battery, lower price by $100). Remember the Microsoft ZUNE? Remember the Creative Labs players? Sony players? Remember all the forums for MP3 players? Gone and largely forgotten, because Apple makes their devices simple to use, their OS is the best, iTunes rocks (remember MusicMatch?) and they don't mess with success. The iPad will be the same way: fast, beautiful, simple to figure out. And I'll be getting one you can bet on that. I'm still a PC user too.
    "Remember the Microsoft ZUNE?" I sure do! I still have one. My first one was bought up here in Canada at Best Buy. I then got one of the newer ones brought up from the states for me (they stopped selling them in Canada) I love it and would never go back to using an ipad. I love the music player on the computer way better. I recently heard that Microsoft is stopping production on them. I'm sad that it had to happen. I wish people would give other companies products a chance, do some research and not just listening to their friends tell them to buy Apple.

    Back to being on topic. It doesn't matter what Apple makes for its people. If Apple tells them it's new and is good they will buy it. They love that little symbol on the back so much that it doesn't matter what's on the inside of the device. They even go as far as buying cases so you can still see the Apple symbol on the back of the device. they wouldn't want people thinking less of them for not having an Apple device...
    03-30-11 10:02 AM
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    I'm amazed at the number of Apple juice drinkers that will come to a BlackBerry website and have a circle j**k party about how great their refreshed IPad2 is with the .7 megapixel front facing camera.

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    Maybe your issue is with the people that created an "iPhone/iPad" sub-section on the "blackberry website", no?

    I'm pretty sure this section was created for those users. So if you feel that strongly about iOS users coming to a blackberry site, why are you, a blackberry user in the iOS forum? A little hypocritical, huh?
    03-30-11 10:41 AM
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