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    Apple’s messaging solutions are currently fragmented into three applications: iMessage, FaceTime, and iChat. However, references discovered in the code of Apple’s iOS platform indicate the cross-platform features of Mac OS X’s iChat could find their way to Apple’s mobile devices.

    The code discovered by developer Jon Heaton doesn’t specifically mention iChat, but it does include code related to outside messaging services like AOL Instant Messaneger and Jabber. Currently, iMessage allows users to communicate via text message, but does not allow connection to third-party messaging services in the way iChat does.

    Heaton suggests the code references he discovered could mean Apple was at one point testing iChat like cross-service functionality within iMessage. The integration of programs doesn’t stop there, parts of the "IMService" code in iOS 5 mention both FaceTime and iMessage hinting at the possibly of combining FaceTime into iMessage.

    Apple needs to move iMessage in this direction sooner rather than later. Creating a program that works across multiple platforms and messaging services would play into the Apple code of simplicity. It only makes sense that Apple would eventually allow users to carry the same conversation from iMessage on their iOS device, to their laptop, or desktop computer with no hiccups. As it stands now Apple has three different messaging clients available in iChat, FaceTime, and iMessage and non of them talk to each other.

    Do you think Apple should make iMessage a cross platform, multi-service supporting messaging solution?
    11-17-11 01:29 PM