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    Hello Android & iPhone users.

    if you are planning on working on any home improvement/construction projects, then be sure to check out our portfolio of home improvement/construction apps.
    We have 6 dedicated Android & iPhone apps for Home Improvement projects. Our apps will help you with Drywall, flooring, Carpet, Paint, Concrete, Heating, Insulation, Air conditioning.

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    Home Builders app for your iPhone mobile
    This amazing App Features TEN (10!) Easy-To-Use TIME-SAVING TOOLS

    Remember the last time you started a construction project? Think about it for a few seconds. It was pretty darn. This amazing App Features TEN (10!) Easy-To-Use TIME-SAVING TOOLS frustrating having to run all of those calculations just to get an idea of the materials you needed, wasnít it?
    Hey, I understand completely. The same is true for me and my own projects. I remember the time I wanted to remodel a room in my basement. I would never have thought just throwing up some dry wall would require so many calculations. By the time I was done my BRAIN ACHED! That is when I decided to CREATE A SOLUTION not only for myself but FOR YOU too..
    The app includes following calculators
    Drywall calculator
    Carpet calculator
    Paint calculator
    Floor & tiles calculator
    Air conditioner calculator
    Wall paper calculator
    Concrete calculator
    Brick calculator
    Wall studs calculator (Android only**)
    Conversion calculator (Android only**)
    Configure (Switch between metric & standard units)

    Home Builder for your iphone
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