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    I have a little thing here I want to try.

    I just built a home server and it's connected to my network at home.

    On my laptop at home, I've created a .bat file that allows me to shut down the server at any given time.

    Now because I usually leave my server on at night to do my downloading, etc etc. In the morning, I have to boot my laptop, and run the script to shut off the server. (I RDP into the server, so it has no monitor, etc etc)

    Now, is there a possible command prompt (native or 3rd app) that will allow my iPod Touch 4G to get on my Wi-Fi network, and run a command that will remote shutdown my server.

    Simple enough, any type of command prompt/terminal program?


    Edit - Yes, this is a copy and paste from the BB Torch thread. I am looking for BOTH my BB and my iPod Touch
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