1. tmartz's Avatar
    Okay so im going to change the hosuing on a black iphone and make it white but witch housing do i need this one:

    New Apple iPhone 3G OEM Back Housing (16GB White) - eBay (item 280385303218 end time Oct-13-09 10:03:20 PDT)

    Is that going to work or do i need something else anybody that has done this beforee can you please answer my question do i need something different to hold everything in place.

    iPhone 3G 16GB OEM Back Housing w/ Chrome Bezel (White) - eBay (item 250498724905 end time Sep-24-09 11:21:12 PDT)

    See on the 2nd picture it shows the holdings for the camera and what not, which one do i need ill be taking a old backing off can i use the old parts from that or not...Anybody with any experience please help me out
    09-23-09 09:10 PM
  2. robertleehadley's Avatar
    you'll need the second one.
    09-26-09 04:12 AM