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    ...there is no pleasing some people. Honestly.
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    03-20-12 03:50 PM
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    E3 million iPads sold is amazing. That's amazing for iPhone sales jeez.

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    03-20-12 05:23 PM
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    It must be wonderfull, But then again so is herpes
    Odd thing to say.

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    This is a sincere question: what is everyone doing with these things? Where I work, I had to get an iphone in order to support them. Fine. I have issues with it, but it's mostly functional. Now various people want to get iPad's for "work." I ask them what they will use them for/run on them, because they really aren't a replacement for a laptop as far as running our software, and they can't answer--they just want one and are convinced they can use it for work somehow. So I'm curious: what does everyone do with these things, particularly in a business setting?

    I should probably start a separate thread for this, but it seems to fit ok with the general topic of this one.

    AutoCad in the field and numerous functions in the office (email, document review/editing, project management etc). It really comes down to your particular field and whether the apps are available, which they are on the iPad in my case.

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    I picked one up. I didn't own one before but I thought I'd jump in. My company sells services that can be leveraged on the iPad. And after using it for work, I'm in sales, it's legit. I can already leave my laptop behind and just work off the iPad while out of the office. It really is a great form factor to replace my laptop in most cases.

    To say that the iPad is not a business tool doesn't make a lot of sense. 84% of companies are looking to deploy tablets in some fashion and an overwhelming majority is looking at the iPad. It may be the role like sales or executive leadership that makes the iPad more effective, but I think it has use cases all over the enterprise.

    Just in the short time I have used it, I can see how it breaks down barriers in client meetings. The tablet is a better form factor for client engagement just because it's not a laptop. Passing an iPad to a client to look at something is a different flow than sliding a laptop across the table.

    With Dropbox, splashtop, and quick office, I don't need my laptop with me at all times. It's not a replacement but it does allow me to leave my beast of a think pad in the office most of the time.

    So yeah, I like my iPad. But I won't be upgrading this thing every year. That is just plain silly. I may believe in the iPad but I didn't lose my common sense.
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    I'm cracking up at the herpes comment; priceless...

    Anyway, in other news. I'm a gadget person, and try not to comment on a particular gadget till I've tried it\tested it. This is probably why I have so many\used so many gadgets. The iPad is truly a gadget changer, period. Yes, I know the BlackBerry Playbook is supposed to be good (yes, I've tried it, and even owned one for a while), but it simply doesn't compare to the iPad (any version), period...

    I'm not going to get into statistics between various 'tablet' devices because currently this is a moot point...
    A man after my own heart. Have you had a play with the Galaxy Note yet? I'm intrigued by it. Just don't know if even I can justify this one!
    03-21-12 12:07 AM
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    Not played with that one yet. The last I played with was the Samsung Galaxy Tab. I had to set it up for a Partner. It was 'okay', but nothing to write home about

    A man after my own heart. Have you had a play with the Galaxy Note yet? I'm intrigued by it. Just don't know if even I can justify this one!
    03-21-12 06:38 AM
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    I don't own a tablet because I don't have use for one. I have a great laptop at home and my iPhone for travel, daily use, etc and was given a Kindle Fire for Christmas from my in-laws. I only want an iPad to use as an extension of my iPhone. If I had an iPad, I probably wouldn't need my laptop, except for the fact that I like to play The Sims 3 on my laptop (which I can't do on an iPad).

    As far as the Kindle Fire goes, I use it strictly for reading books and magazines. I really do not like the browser or the app selection. It's slow and a little clunky. It's a great reading device, but tablet? I'd rather have an iPad if we're talking strictly tablets.
    The Sims 3 is on the iPad.

    App Store - The Sims 3
    03-21-12 09:05 AM
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