1. MKSIX's Avatar
    Since i bought my new Iphone 4 i been having trouble receiving MMS picture text from Blackberry's but i can send them fine ..... and i can send and receive from other Iphone's **** EDIT **** cant receive any MMS from Anyone included iphone's

    Is this normal ?

    My MMS option is set to "yes"

    thanks in advance
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    10-03-11 11:11 AM
  2. FigureThisOut's Avatar
    Let me ask you something. Are you on a proper iPhone data plan? Or still on a BB data plan?
    10-03-11 12:52 PM
  3. pilsbury's Avatar
    No it's not normal. My wife has a 9700 and we send mms pics all the time. Like FTO said it's either your data package or settings.
    10-03-11 01:51 PM
  4. Accidental Post's Avatar
    I blame the BB........
    10-03-11 01:55 PM
  5. nelz16's Avatar
    Sounds like a network issue to me.

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    10-03-11 02:55 PM