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    I have a small question concerning sending and accepting meeting requests on the Iphone. I haven't used an Iphone for over a year and never really paid attention to this feature till yesterday.
    I sent an invite request to 4 people from my blackberry... All 3 accepted (have blackberry's) the 4th person never replied to me.... So I called him up to see what's up and he says that he can't accept it from the Iphone... I didn't believe it at first. Later on that day we meet up and I took a look and it's true he can't accept... It got the request but can't confirm it. It was on he's gmail account. And I like I said the request was sent from my gmail (on my blackberry) to he's gmail... On he's Iphone.
    Is this normal or did something go wrong?


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    06-16-10 09:39 PM