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    I just can't help wondering if Steve Jobs wishes he was born in Eastern Europe cuz sure as **** he would've made a good dictator. Having grown up at the hands of one dictator ( Ceausescu) I can see he has the qualities in him

    Regardless, he does make some good products, or really the people that work for him do but, and I hope the blackberry/ipad combination will work but I can't believe how "communist" he is now days.

    Ipohone vs blackberry debate:

    Apple sells a product Rim sells a product but most importantly a service, blackberry is just a means to use that service very efficiently.

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    06-25-10 05:38 AM
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    Yea, I've heard the new iphone does suck. And wal-marts near clearwater not even wal-mart would sell lol. Steve jobs should go back to being a hippie or smoke more pot. From what he used to do and what he does now is like 2 different people. I remember the apple 2 with an actual apple logo lol.

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    06-25-10 06:54 AM