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    So I am a die-hard blackberry fan. However, I am one because of the OS. The OS add so much customization and really helps me be productive. The form factor is good but its all about a learning curve to go to a touch screen for me.

    Now the iPhone iOS5 is competitive to the BB OS (IMO). So I have a list of questions and I am curious if it can do the following:

    • Does it have Push Email?
    • Will it have a status LED light like a BB?
    • Can I have 6 email accounts ALL with different rings and/or vibrations (e.g. I have 4 accounts silent [no ring no vibrate] and 2 accounts, one rings one vibrates?)
    • Does it sync with Outlook contacts, calendar and tasks?
    • are there icons for each inbox? (i.e. may I have the "universal" inbox icon and a seperate icon mailbox?)
    • How many accounts can be connected to the "built in twitter" to the iOS5?
    • Are there apps to change the status light color? (if there is an LED status light)
    • when you delete an email on the iphone does it delete on your server/web account?
    • If you send email in outlook but not from your iPHone and then get on your iPhone can you download your desktop-sent emails? (I know android can)

    Thank you in advance!
    10-05-11 09:15 PM