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    So today I'm looking for ways to use my wifi iPad as a phone. Not to be used as a main line when out and about, but to make and receive calls over wifi, free or cheap. Anyone who has an iPad probably knows you can run the iPhone version of Skype on your iPad. But even better than Skype is Line 2, currently also an iPhone version. This app gives you a regular number with an area code anywhere you live. It also lets you call regular phone numbers, like a cell phone, free for 30 days. After that $10 a month with no contract gives you unlimited calling. The app supports texting and visual voicemail too.

    But the best part is I am able to monitor the incoming calls to my Blackberry without leaving the iPad screen, I can even answer the call and have a phone conversation, all from iPad. How I do that is really simple.

    On Sprint, since Google Voice was launched, you can conditionally (no answer) forward calls for free to any number, like a GV or Line 2 number. So it rings my phone which I can ignore or just wait until it forwards to the second number. And Voila, Sprint Blackberry calls answered from iPad.

    I am not jailbroken with update 4.2.1. If you know of any other phone like features for iPad, more specifically Sprint or Blackberry Curve related, please share them.
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    Not exactly what you asked for but Whistlephone is free for IPAD and you get a phone number in an area code you choose and have 2 lines. You can also make it so if you don't answer your calls will forward to any numbers you choose.

    Can't beat it for FREE
    01-29-11 10:39 PM