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    I already posted this thread in the BOLD 9700 forum but than got the advice to post it here..

    BB Bold 9700 v5.0.0.743 (Plattform & Mac OS X 10.6
    Cant sync anymore

    Two weeks ago my BB was not starting anymore. The LED light kept on lighting red when the phone was charging. The phone wouldn't start or do anything else.
    As there is a guarantee on the BB I went to the dealership.. yesterday I got it back.. all languages except for dutch and english were deleted. also my contacts and calendars were missing. I did not save a copy of the BB before.. sadly..
    after reinstalling the right languages via BB Desktop Manager I wanted to sync my contacts and calendars, so I pressed the green sync-button. Once the BB starts syncing it goes on until I receive a message than it will say sync successfully completed - which isn't true.. literally nothing happened.

    since then I am trying to fix the problem. I already bought MissingSync for $39.95 .. but still it doesn't work.

    There is one (well, another) strange thing: I got an error message concerning something like "Preferences/ .. /.. HUMMAI/../USB .. etc.. " and I recognised that the BB did not show up in the Finder at all.
    I was concerned that my Mac's USB port might have crashed but I can still run an external HD via USB.

    I already tried pocketmac or so, sync via googlemail and via google sync (which worked but did not provide every number).. I am sick of this problem!

    Thank you for every help guys!!
    12-03-10 02:31 AM