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    I would really love to get the "Spirit" ringtone that I had on my 9930 (which I returned) and use it on the iPhone 4S. The default iPhone ringtones are so boring and generic, and the Spirit ringtone was awesome!

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? Or maybe if you know how to do it quickly and are willing to share the final product, that would be great, too.

    10-15-11 10:40 PM
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    Just google BB OS 6 ringtones and you'll find uploadable zip folders full of all of them.
    Sync whatever tones you want onto your music app. Then use a ringtone making app to convert it to an m4r and you're good to go.
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    10-15-11 11:19 PM
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    Thanks! iRinger for Windows got the job done.
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    10-15-11 11:45 PM
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    Thanks! iRinger for Windows got the job done.
    Thank you!! I tried iRinger, it's so easy!
    I had to fiddle with iTunes a bit. Made my ringtones but they didn't appear in the phone even tho iTunes showed them syncing. After several tries, I finally unplugged my phone from the PC, closed iTunes, started iTunes, plugged the phone in, synced and got my ringtones (songs I like).

    I'm happy about that
    10-16-11 11:41 AM
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    For those who want them, you'll find the zip in this thread

    Just change the file extension for each tone to .m4r
    10-16-11 01:21 PM