1. shalagin's Avatar
    So, I will be switching to the iPhone4 when it's released here in Canada (honestly, why Apple decided to leave us till later I still don't understand, I mean we are just North of the US), and was looking for some opinions.

    I am not a business user by any means, my phone is for personal use only, and with seeing what RIM has comming with the Slider (which I was excited about, until the iPhone was announced), I will not be waiting for the 9800.

    Any of you who switched to iPhone from Blackberry, was it hard or smooth? Did you miss BBM THAT much that i made you switch back and forth? I honestly don't use BBM that much, so it's a non factor, and I use Gmail for my email, and heard that it was pretty decent on the iPhone.

    Just looking for some opinions of other people who converted and how their experience was.

    Thanks in advance.
    06-12-10 05:08 AM
  2. jay0heavenly's Avatar
    I used BBM a lot before, so that's not easy, but the benefits FAR outweigh the detriments. I don't miss the bb at all, and the iPhone4 will be even better than my 3G.
    06-12-10 08:08 AM
  3. jagermon's Avatar
    BB vs iOS: no comparison with media and web. My biggest concern was losing the hard keyboard however I found being much faster with accuracy on the soft keyboard.

    I went to BB for more stability coming from WM and I got it but had to sacrifice web browsing. I found iOS is just as stable as BB and a much better experience.
    06-12-10 08:57 AM
  4. crackvegas78's Avatar
    I made the switch back in Dec and my biggest concern was the keyboard but honestly I find that I type faster on my iPhone then I did on my Curve. Losing BBM was not really that big of a deal, I just replaced it with the Yahoo IM and the native txt on the iPhone is AWESOME so that part was easy.
    06-12-10 05:50 PM
  5. mikeydooodie's Avatar
    majority of ppl will be leaving bb for android phones or iphones and they have programs like dmessenger and whatsapp thats the same thing as bbm ... bb while great has fallen hard and google and apple have jumped leaps and bounds with its phones that i feel as if my bb(storm 2) is outdated which in reality it is
    06-12-10 07:41 PM
  6. rogelio1017's Avatar
    You will love it!!! BB are outdated! and new blackberry's are well....Just like the old ones. I left bb after buying the new bold 9700 and realizing how outdated these phones are! I know have a 3gs and love it! Chances are I will never be a RIM customer again. When I decide on my next phone it will be between and iphone or droid phone. Don't worry be excited you will love your iphone! especially the new one!! It will open your eyes as to how much rim has fallen. and I used to be a die hard berry guy. Times have changed!
    06-12-10 08:21 PM
  7. spawn026's Avatar
    My wife was a die hard blackberry user. She was holding out for the slider I told her about but once she saw it she said absolutely not. Now that she's used my iphone and ipad she has been fiending for the new iphone. The only thing I know she will miss is bbm but only a few of our friends still have berries. She is offsetting it by getting unlimited text and giving her berriers her gmail if they don't want to use up their text. Other then that there really isn't much to miss
    06-12-10 08:30 PM
  8. planoman's Avatar
    I have been a loyal BB user from the curve 8300 to the iphone 3G for a few weeks and then to the 9000 and now the 9700. I left the iphone 3g due to battery life.

    Blackberry has really not evolved. The 9700 is just not that much more than a curve 8300. Yes it has more capability but just not as much as other phones.

    The iphone 4 is a huge jump IMO. Just the face time application is worth it not to mention 5 mp camera with flash now and the video shooting in HD (720p) and mutitasking.

    Sorry RIM you are just not evolving quickly enough for me. Have fun waiting on OS6.
    06-12-10 10:01 PM
  9. philholbert's Avatar
    I switched to iphone 3gs a few weeks ago and sorry to say won't ever go back to blackberry. I use mac's and syncing never worked that well with bb- downloads of updated os software often deleted data and sometimes apps. The new phones from bb didn't promise any improvement, and Verizon told me the support for mac desktop software would never be as good as pc support. Basically, I had to leave to improve syncing, and found the support at the Apple store (one to one service is a bargain) is so much better than any help I found at bb. I am not a tech guy, so I just need it to work. So far, it is just as advertised. Turn it on and even I can figure it out...
    06-13-10 08:32 PM
  10. fabuloso's Avatar
    As of today, I am an iPhone 3GS owner.

    I think I fell into the hype with Blackberries, and never felt any regret leaving my Blackberry for a phone that fits MY needs. Blackberry was nice for some things, but, iPhone's usability far outweighs that of a Blackberry. I have a need for productivity and utility applications, and iPhone was perfect for it.

    iPhone can sync with Google for my contacts, and Outlook for my calander stuff, and I feel as if I have had an iPhone for ever. Blackberry will be missed since it was my first smartphone, but, it just wasn't for me. The multitasking isn't really a deal breaker for me, but, with iOS coming out soon, the only thing I will be using is Pandora or WundarRadio.
    06-14-10 12:29 AM
  11. ImGeorgeous's Avatar
    Wait, did you want to get the 3GS vs. the new 4?
    06-14-10 12:48 AM
  12. shalagin's Avatar
    Wait, did you want to get the 3GS vs. the new 4?
    I am getting the iPhone4 when its hits Canada
    06-14-10 04:29 AM
  13. fabuloso's Avatar
    Wait, did you want to get the 3GS vs. the new 4?
    I'm getting that next week. It would cost me the same as if I were to cancel a line, lol.
    06-14-10 10:48 AM
  14. sgtoca's Avatar
    I'm in Canada and also making that switch in July to an iPhone. It will be a bday present so sweet. I love my bb and have had it for almost 3 years. Its a Curve on TELUS and what deterred me from iPhone was initially the multi app tasking, email limits but since the new iPhone 4 can do all that and more like OMG video editing, plus a more reliable GPS and better web browsing, I decided its time to make that switch. So, I have a Curve 8330 coming up for sale in August, in great condition, anyone?
    06-14-10 11:02 AM