1. The ROC's Avatar
    So my wife and I have been using the BlackBerry for some time now but with all the apps available for the iPhone we cannot help but want to switch over to the IP4 when it comes out.

    Having said that, we have been very happy with the BB messaging options especially when the Rogers network goes down we are able still able to BBM each other, case in point when Toronto had a mini earthquake and the network was overloaded but BBM still worked like a charm.

    Our current Rogers retention Plan gives us the usual voice feature but we have the 1GB data plan and 100 outgoing text messages and unlimited incoming text messages, anything after 100 SMS we pay 0.15 cent per txt message.

    We don't want to add any new features and keep what we have.

    So my question is to understand what messaging option do we have with the IP4 besides e-mail and txt messaging? Is there a push IM and if so do we need to get onto the internet first or does it work like the Windows Live Messenger on our Blackberry.

    Thanks for the help.
    07-27-10 09:05 PM
  2. shawnomega's Avatar
    I think there are programs like Ping! which is the iPhones version of BBM, and Text message plus! Which I think operate through either 3G, or Wifi. I am not sure I know Text message plus is Wifi for sure but I don't know whether it's 3G too? Because you don't have to pay, the catch is obviously the other person has to have the same program.
    07-27-10 09:41 PM
  3. Duvi's Avatar
    AIM and Yahoo!

    Those will always work on whatever platform you use. AIM is usually
    07-28-10 08:36 AM
  4. scorpiodsu's Avatar
    There are several apps that do iPhone to iPhone chatting as well as with other platforms. But like Duvi said, AIM, Google talk, YIM are the best for any platform that's not blackberry. You can use them on any platform and wouldn't have to worry about getting your contacts if you switch. At this day in time, I think a 1-platform messaging system is useless unless and all your friends have the same platform and will never ever ever ever switch. But since that's likely not the case, get a universal IM client.
    07-28-10 09:08 AM
  5. dcgore's Avatar
    Like Shawnomega said, Ping Chat is the closest thing to bbm for iphones.
    07-28-10 11:50 AM