1. prairieboy's Avatar
    Like everyone that is a tech junkie, I purchased an Iphone 3gs and had it unlocked. I am running OS 4.1 and the phone is working awesome with my SIM card.

    Question is this, I have managed to use my BB data plan on my Iphone but I also have a blackberry email account.

    I forward my Outlook Enterprise email from my company to my BIS email using a rule in Outlook. This works awesome on my BB Torch.

    Question is this... I want to be able to recieve those emails on my Iphone when I have the sim in. I go to add "other" email account and use my xxxx@mobility.blackberry.net email address, but it wants my incoming and outgoing email address. Would it be by chance mail.mobility.blackberry.net or is it even possible. Any phone reps say it can be done, but I take their advice with a grain of salt.

    Anyone know of a way to do this aside from fowarding my work email to a gmail account. I was using my BIS email account is it still somewhat secure in that I can't log into it from a computer.
    11-29-10 02:26 PM
  2. Username00089's Avatar
    I'm almost sure it isn't possible. I don't have BIS anymore so I can't check, but I
    think you can have the BIS emails forwarded if you check the BIS settings when you
    log in. Once again, I think. But I'm not entirely sure.
    11-29-10 04:19 PM