1. xamdam's Avatar
    Sry to cross post, but in the Bold 9000 forum this is still unanswered:

    I just got a iphone 3gs 8gb model and i still have my bold 9000. I have a BB BIS plan 500mb.

    I switched the sim to the iphone by just taken it out and putting it into the iphone.

    Eveything is working as it should, email, mms, internet.

    My question are:

    Will the service stop working?
    Will i be billed PPU = pay per use?

    Or will i be ok as it is a BIS plan = i still use my bold for some services, so i don't want a iphone plan which won't allow me to use the BIS services on the bold.

    Basically i just worried about being charged for Data pay per use when using the iphone.

    I read that if u have a BIS plan u should be ok, but i want to know 100% from ppl who have done this.
    05-19-11 12:19 PM
  2. scorpiodsu's Avatar
    I know in the past it use to be fine. I used it like that for almost a year with no problems switching between my blackberry and iPhone. Then AT&T started cracking down on that telling customers they needed to have the correct data plan and people actually had to start changing some of the APN settings to get it work. The last time I tried it in early 2010, I had the BIS plan with my SIM in my iPhone and got a text from AT&T telling me I didn't have the correct data plan for my iPhone and that I need to have it changes or be charged accordingly. I'm still not sure if anyone has actually incurred extra charges because of this.
    05-19-11 12:33 PM
  3. xamdam's Avatar
    Thks for the info, i seen AT&T customers having the issue you stated in which the had to change the APN settings.

    I am with rogers and its working fine now, but i just worried it maybe charging me pay-per-use, but then again i see the data increasing under my rogers account info, so i guess its working fine and rogers customers not need APN settings touched?

    I do know the settings for APN for rogers, but is it in your best guess or anyones i am fine for now or good to go forever if i not need APN settings?
    05-19-11 01:06 PM
  4. xamdam's Avatar
    So nobody else knows anything about this?
    05-19-11 04:02 PM
  5. nubgen's Avatar
    Just keep using it. If rogers makes you pay extra, which they likely wont because you can act dumb and say you didn't know there was a difference in data plan BB/Iphone.
    05-19-11 08:10 PM