11-26-12 10:55 PM
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    Hospitals are going to get iPad mini in Ontario Canada soon, nurses uses them already at several children's hospitals including my university.
    Ottawa hospital has already deployed well over 3000 iPads.
    The minis are a bit small for most hospital uses though, especially if they're connecting to any sort of terminal server.
    I'm working on deploying a trial of several iPads at work.
    11-26-12 06:09 PM
  2. axeman1000's Avatar
    What about a company that releases a high end device that lacks Auto Focus, along with a tablet that lacks the necessities that makes a tablet useful?What's even worse is that the company charged 600 bucks for it.

    Are we talking about apple with no flash and a old camera on their pad? Because if you are talking about the tablet that has better hardware a year later than the latest and greatest minipad released by iripoff then your more high on the apple juice than a meth junkie. Do you not see that Apple has lost their "innovation" mojo and are starting to lose steam coming up with new things? BlackBerry are at least reinventing themselves. When will apple do that?
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    11-26-12 06:45 PM
  3. MartyMcfly's Avatar
    Not high on apple juice, sorry for coming across as a logical person. Congrats on Rimm for catching up to iOS/android. I have a numerous bb devices including the playbook, and truth be told the pb is still a joke. The hardware is great, however the software is lacking big time. You think the iPad is a rip off which is cool (its your opinion). The general public thinks the pb is a rip off, hence why people/businesses are avoiding it like the plague. I don't know when Apple will reinvent themselves (honestly I don't care), I'm not invested in the company emotionally/financially, once they stop producing products I like, I'll move on. At the end of the day iOS devices are being deployed in the corporate environment due to their capabilities, while BB's are being dropped due to their limitations.

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    11-26-12 10:55 PM
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