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    this is sort of piggy backing onto what someone else was saying, but wow this is crazy, apple stok projected to be at $190 a share in the near future. Wow!

    iPhone 3GS owners are a happy bunch, strongly loyal to Apple, and it is innovation that continues to lure new buyers to the smartphones, according to a new survey.
    Not only did 99% of owners indicate that they are “satisfied” with their iPhone 3GS and 92% said they are “very satisfied,” nearly three out of five respondents (57%) are likely to purchase the iPhone 3GS for someone else in the future, according to the RBC/IQ ChangeWave survey.
    The most-liked features included the touchscreen interface, ease of use and third-party applications. Meanwhile, the top dislikes were AT&T’s network, short battery life and the fact that their IT departments don’t support the device.
    The August survey showed that 41% of iPhone 3GS buyers upgraded from prior versions of the smartphone. As for new iPhone buyers, 18% were from Motorola (MOT), 11% from Nokia (NOK), 9% from Research In Motion (RIMM), 8% from Sanyo (SANYY.PK) and 6% from Palm (PALM).
    RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky said the benefits to Apple for achieving this premium customer satisfaction include: strong pricing power, high customer lifetime value, powerful and inexpensive viral marketing, increased carrier channel leverage, as well as indirect benefits to Apple’s other businesses.
    He rates Apple shares Outperform with a $190 price target.

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