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    Faster Forward - Apple to rent TV shows for 99 cents each?

    "Apple is negotiating with News Corp. to make Fox shows available for 48-hour rentals. They would show up in the iTunes Store 24 hours after airing and would appear without commercials. The Bloomberg report suggests that ABC is also interested but NBC and CBS are skeptical.According to the piece, Apple will announce this new option at a Sept. 7 event in San Francisco that would also feature the introduction of an updated, $99 version of the Apple TV--the iTunes-connected media receiver, made to plug into an HDTV, that Apple has spent the past few years neglecting. In addition, Apple would introduce a new iPod touch with the same high-resolution display as its iPhone 4."

    Who knows this could extend into popular shows like True Blood, Mad man, Weeds, ETC if it goes well what do you guys think.
    .99 cents instead of 2.99? Thats pretty good!
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    Netflix Premieres on the iPhone | John Paczkowski | Digital Daily | AllThingsD

    Also netflix will be finally viewable through the iPhone.

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