1. Bezansonn's Avatar
    Hey so im in Canada, and saw an app that i REALLY want, called the Weber grill app. I go to purchase it, and its only available in the USA!! I was just wondering if anyone knows of a way around this, other than having an american credit card. I would really like to have that app, I love to grill. Thanks all!
    09-26-10 07:29 PM
  2. DX9's Avatar
    They are apparently working on an app outside the US but that was said 2 months ago. So only US for now
    09-26-10 08:22 PM
  3. Bezansonn's Avatar
    Ahhhh going crazy! will jailbreaking help this issue?
    09-26-10 08:27 PM
  4. DX9's Avatar
    Maybe. Hope someone else can post that. I'm waiting on jailbreak for 4.1
    09-26-10 08:39 PM