1. abbere's Avatar
    Ordered an iKit Carbon case for iPad 2 on 3/22 .. credit card charged immediately through PayPal.

    Supposedly was gonna ship on 3/25 .. but no confirmation sent and no tracking number.

    No communication from them whatsoever .. just a "receipt" from PayPal.

    A quick search shows folks in the iLounge forums having similar problems last summer. Mother-F'ers... Never been burned before by an accessories vendor. iLounge even gave their product a good review (B+) and recommended it.

    Anyone else order from them? Did you get what you paid for? How long did it take?
    04-06-11 02:27 AM
  2. AStranger's Avatar
    I haven't used them, but you should contact paypal about it and find out what options you have to report this as fraud to get your money back.
    04-06-11 06:54 AM
  3. feelys's Avatar
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    06-21-11 12:41 AM
  4. victorsin's Avatar
    hi abbere how much did it cost you? Mainly i loved rubber grips on its surface that makes it look more stable when handling it as it will avoid slipping from hands.
    06-29-11 07:46 AM