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    Holy pain in the ars. So went to Best buy This morning to pick up my 16GB black iphone 4. First they make me stand around forever, they call ATT and said nope not eligible for early upgrade. I told them I had already called last week and they had said yes I was eligible. They make me go call them so I went home called ATT girl was clueless. Next call premier line and guy was very helpful and said yes indeed I am eligible. Call store back and girl said yes I am eligible. I told her I was JUST in and the other guy told me no. She said come on in (again) so again go to Best Buy, same guy calls ATT and says yes I'm eligible. But then he tells me they can't grandfather over my data plan? Grrr, well he at least is smart enough this time to know better and calls someone else that actually was able to. Voila, after an hour standing around at best buy (both times combined) I have my new iphone. Anyone else had issues at Best Buy? Never bought a phone there before but had the silver premier membership thingy so figured I'd add points to that.
    06-24-10 01:31 PM
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    buying phones from best buy is a nightmare. We had an experience in the past that made us swear them off. Glad it worked out for you but just know the people there know even less than the people at at&t, and thats not a lot
    06-24-10 02:24 PM
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    3rd party retail stores really don't know anything. They just sell store items without knowing how to actually do anything. That is why AT&T and Apple recommend to get the phones through them, but whatever. Even Radioshack messed up my Pre-order, and don't even know how to do them right.
    06-24-10 04:11 PM
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    Yes... I went into Bestbuy when I was unable to
    order from Apple or AT&T. The chick was first
    telling me white would be available and then that
    I couldn't keep my plan. Instead of making her
    look stupid by telling her I was a manager for
    AT&T and still know whats up, I politely said, I'd
    be back.
    06-24-10 11:32 PM
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    My experience with Best Buy has been positive. But their system just gives the upgrade dates as per the contract. So if it is an early upgrade, they are at a loss.

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    06-25-10 06:23 AM
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    Best Buy sucks.... at least for this iPhone release. They had people pre-ordering the white ones thinking they will be available. I mean everyone doesn't follow tech sites all day to know that there weren't going to be any on launch day. And a person that doesn't follow them would certainly believe Best Buy if they said "yes we will have them".

    They called me on the 22nd to schedule my appointment to pick up both my phones. 1 32GB and the other 16GB. So I'm thinking everything is fine, they got their phones in, I'm good. Then they call me back on the 23rd to say "we don't have the 32GB but you can still keep your preorder". I know they have no control over how many devices they get but don't call me on the 22nd to say you have my device and then come back the next day and say you don't have it. Luckily, I had 2 reservations at my Apple store and they allowed me to get both. So I went right on over to Best Buy afterwards and got my preorder money back. Never fooling with them again.
    06-25-10 11:09 AM
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    Oh yes forgot to mention that store only got 3X 32gb models total so most people that ordered the 32gb were out of luck. I could have ordered either since I was the second person there on preorder day but had no use for 32gb. Apparently they even had a couple extra 16gb models which they were offering the people who had ordered the 32gb. Not sure if ATT and Apple got shorted 32gb models also or not.
    06-25-10 05:25 PM
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    Yes I had same experience with BestBuy for pick up HD2. they said me, "not eligible upgrade" but For Tmobie accepted to eligible my upgrade device . They said can't access tmobile's full information on computer. they wanted me to pay 500 or something. So, I gave up and left.

    they admitted me that their phone business is THIRD PARTY before I left.

    I refuse to order phone nor buy phone from bestbuy.. If you wanted to buy phone if your eligible is approved, directly att, sprint, tmobile instead of third party business like best buy or target, the list goes on..
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    06-25-10 05:41 PM
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    I refuse to order phone nor buy phone from bestbuy.. If you wanted to buy phone if your eligible is approved, directly att, sprint, tmobile instead of third party business like best buy or target, the list goes on..
    I agree but MOST times the third party stores are waaaaay cheaper then the corporate stores...
    06-25-10 07:12 PM