1. fishaddict's Avatar
    Just wondering if anyone uses the anti glare screen protectors and what they think of them? I had one put on my I4 at the att store and if I had known how bad it cuts down on the clarity of the screen I probably wouldn't of paid the $20 for them. Oh well, maybe I will get used to it. Dont really want to pull it off and waste the money. I would rather have the clarity cut down a little than get scratches on the screen.

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    09-11-10 09:17 PM
  2. bembol's Avatar
    I had Anti-Glare by Clarivue on my BlackBerry Bold 9700 and had no problems with it.

    I ordered one for my 32GB/4, I agree how it changed the Retina Display and also the Feel of it. TBH, I didn't bother reading other Screen Protectors since I was happy with my previous order.

    After a few days, I got used to it and unless they fall off (LOL) I don't see myself spending money on a new one.
    09-12-10 12:39 AM
  3. Bass_Fishing1's Avatar
    Just bought my iPhone 4 last night. Had a BB9630 it was ok, but this phone is truely what they say "Awesome". I put on the Anti-glare protector and it seems ok, got it mainly for screen protection. I notice though if you try putting it on more than twice it can get dirty fast and does not look the best.
    09-14-10 11:50 AM
  4. gmz73's Avatar
    I decided to just use the crystal clear screen protector than came with my CaseMate case. The anti-glare helps but I didn't want to take away from the display. I keep a cleaning cloth in my purse...just a little OCD!
    09-15-10 07:49 PM
  5. jiggaman2g's Avatar
    I did the same (crystal clear protector) I have a friend with the anti-glare and notice the difference with clarity. The little blur from the anti glare is an abomination! lol just kidding but clear is the way to go I find.

    just my $0.02
    09-15-10 09:25 PM
  6. The ROC's Avatar
    Went from anti-glare to clear.... won't go back to anti-glare.
    09-19-10 06:29 PM
  7. Totalimmortal363's Avatar
    I ZAGG'd my iPhone, wont ever use anything else
    09-19-10 06:39 PM
  8. mark_rivers19's Avatar
    why are you getting the anti-glare?
    are you using your phone outside? in direct sunlight most of the time?
    if not, get the crystal/clear one instead.
    09-19-10 07:04 PM
  9. risingsun124's Avatar
    I personally like the feel of the anti-glare protectors over the bare glass (Glides easier). They are also less prone to having smudges on them. I am running one from Green Onion (Rota) on my 3GS right now and really like it
    09-20-10 01:39 PM
  10. Raptor007's Avatar
    I have owned and used so many devices and screen protector brands I can't count them all. For crystal clear ones I have used SGP and BodyGuardz have been my top picks. For anti-glare I just put on a a new BodyGuardz (dry application style) and it actually does a great job without looking fuzzy compared to others on the market.

    Crystal clear is great but glare, reflection and finger prints are a pita.
    09-26-10 10:22 AM