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    Let me preface by saying: I'm still in love wit muh i4S This is definitely a record breaker for me. It's now 5 months since launch day purchase, my blood pressure has not skyrocketed, not once has the inclination hit to pitch it out the window into a ditch. (Tho I have cussed at Siri a few times. Didn't phase her tho, she's just as sassy giving it back.)

    But wondering if it's developing issues. Yesterday walking my dogs I had 48% battery when I left the house. Out in the field wanted to check the time & my screen was black. Knew it wasn't a dead battery. It was not hot to the touch. Nothing would bring it back except a hard reset. Today I did an OTA update of iOS 5.1 Got a little concerned because I saw the progress bar, then black screen. I let it sit a few minutes and touching home screen didn't do anything. Few more minutes, nothing. So I plugged it into power and within seconds saw the Apple logo so I removed it from power (cord was connected to my PC USB, didn't want to bunge up the update). It stayed lit up, went from Apple logo to progress bar again and when finished my screen showed. (All of which could be meaningless and pure coincidence.)

    Maybe I'm worrying in haste, but could this be a sign something is going on with hardware? The only thing I did differently yesterday was install Newsstand.
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