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    I have been scouring numerous forums and apologize if this has already been answered here (surely it has).

    I will be taking Verizon iPhone to Europe and do not plan to use it for phone calls. I would like to use it for iTunes, alarm clock, Wifi, calculator, etc.

    I will be placing it in "Airplane mode."

    I did read one suggestion when landing in Europe turn off Airplane mode briefly so that the clock resets to local time.

    My question is about voicemail. I would like to put a message on my voicemail saying I am out of the country and best way to contact me is via email. If someone calls my phone and gets my voice mail message do I get charged? Or do I only get charged if I listen to my voicemail?

    And what about text messages - would they be "held" until my return to the U.S. -
    if I briefly turn off Airplane mode in Europe to update clock that could result in text messages downloading?

    Thanks so much for any tips!
    07-26-12 09:48 PM
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    It depends on the exact details of your plan. You need to check this with Verizon to be sure - and if the answer is a page on the website, print and save before they change it.

    Also remember that voicemail may have a size limit as messages or total minutes, and a maximum holding time - I think mine is something like 10 days before it is deleted automatically.
    07-27-12 06:00 AM
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    I just emailed Verizon and within one hour received this response:

    My name is Melissa, I will be assisting you today with your questions and concerns about taking your phone with you on your upcoming trip to Europe. I am sure you are excited about your trip, I know I would be.

    After reviewing your account, I see that you have an iPhone 4. This device isn't global capable, this means that it wouldn't be able to obtain a signal in Europe. You can turn the device on and not have to worry about occurring roaming charges. Airplane mode is suggested because this will keep the device from constantly trying to find a signal. When the device constantly is searching for a signal the battery drains very quickly.

    Your mobile number will not be charged if someone leaves you a voicemail. Your voicemails save on the voicemail server for 21 days. While you are in Europe if you have access to a phone to make international calls you can call your own mobile number, when your voicemail recording starts to play press # on your phone and it will prompt you for your voicemail password.

    Your text messages will store on the network for two to five days before being discarded from the network. While your are in Europe you won't be able to receive your text message because of the phone not being able to obtain service in Europe.

    Thank you for being the best part of Verizon Wireless. Have a great time in Europe!
    07-27-12 09:54 AM
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    What we did was get a cheapo Tmobile no contract dumbphone for $20 for the SIM card. I paid for one month of phone/txt service, no data because I'd use WiFi from hotels. Then I stuck it into an old Blackberry Curve I had in a drawer. I changed my regular phone's VM saying I'd be at this new number for a month. I told the kids to txt this number. That way people could leave me VM, I could make return calls over WiFi (because only Tmobile has the voice over Wifi feature), and check/send Email, and send txts (from the new number). I cost me like $40 for the month and then I shut it down when I came home. Of course you can't call European numbers, only US, and you had to be on WiFi.
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    07-27-12 01:40 PM