1. c0co11c's Avatar
    Does anyone know for sure if the 25th is a for sure release date?. Att and apples site still only say late summer.. and i know it can be done right now, but im trying to just wait for the actual launch. any help would be awesome.
    09-23-09 10:50 AM
  2. Sooks's Avatar
    Yup , friday the 25th will be the date. Emails have been going around to various sites such as Theiphoneblog.com and says this friday is dday ! http://www.theiphoneblog.com/2009/09...coming-friday/
    09-23-09 11:05 AM
  3. flranger2000's Avatar
    Yea the 25th is supposed to be the date. I asked my rep at ATT and she said friday the 25th. We will see if it happens.
    09-23-09 03:00 PM
  4. Prospekt#IM's Avatar
    Yes Friday, and they say late morning pacific time. I think that info is on macrumors.
    09-23-09 09:52 PM
  5. shawnomega's Avatar
    I hope this is true, I think it will be though. Don't see why ATT would risk anymore bad press about this issue then they already have. Just my 2 cents.
    09-23-09 10:32 PM
  6. benny_j's Avatar
    yep, late morning of the 25th for sure.
    09-23-09 11:11 PM