1. Mr. Marco's Avatar
    I know the notification system in iOS isn't the best but I have a question about how the iPhone handles new messages and missed calls.

    I know that when you receive new emails or text messages there will be a red badge with how many new messages you have appear over the icon on the screen. My question is regarding how do you know they are there without looking at the phone?

    I'm asking about the official standard OS from Apple, no jail broken or third party apps being used. If I'm not near the iPhone to hear the initial ringtone for a new message, without an LED (like BlackBerry) how do I know to check my phone? Is there a setting for an audible alert, let's say every 2 mins to alert me of a new message? Or is the answer simply "learn to check your phone every 5 mins"?

    Thanks in advance for respones.
    03-31-11 05:27 PM
  2. dcgore's Avatar
    I know for texts for sure you can customize the times you want to be alerted of a new one. When it comes to a missed called i don't believe so.
    04-01-11 09:25 AM