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    8.7 Million iPhones Sold in Q1 2010 — Apple Financial Results
    During the conference call that followed, CFO, Peter Oppenheimer and COO, Tim Cook revealed:
    17 new carriers for the iPhone, including Bell Canada, Telus Canada, Orange Canada, China Unicom, Korea
    iPhone “very strong” in Japan, Australia, UK, Germany
    Business users ranked iPhone #1 in satisfaction according to JD Power
    70% of Fortune 100 businesses piloting or deploying iPhone
    New accounting methods mean $25 of iPhone revenue deferred for “updates”
    Apple defended AT&T, said they have higher broadband usage than any other carrier, great experience for many customers, and have shared with Apple plans to improve problem cities
    2.7 million iPhones in channel, including in-transit, invoiced to carriers, demos.
    200,000 iPhones activated in China. Ramping slowly to ensure customer experience.
    Nothing on Nokia lawsuit.
    90% of iPhone Apps approved in 14 days. Apple wants to protect privacy, prevent porn, defend children. Most frequent cause of rejection is bugs in app.
    Cook: Noise about App Store frustration may be higher than reality (orly?)
    Could anything equal Mac, iPod, iPhone for Apple? Wait for Wednesday!
    iPhone 3GS features accelerated corporate adoption (hardware encryption?)
    Adding carriers in existing countries earned incremental growth.
    Quattro Wireless was acquired to provide developers, especially those who develop free apps, a seamless way to earn money.
    iTunes/App Store still run just above break even, Apple reinvests revenue to maintain and improve customer experience as it scales.
    Japan iPhone growth 400%, Asia Pac iPhone growth 500%
    On Google: Apple competes with Google in some areas, works with them in others.
    Apple Report
    01-25-10 05:33 PM
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    Love my Imac, Base Station Extreme, and iTouch.
    Just wish I liked the iPhone.
    01-25-10 06:24 PM
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    Yeah pretty impressive. But that's what happens when you let multiple carriers
    carry your product. Hopefully it will happen here in the U.S. Enough with the AT&T
    exclusitivity already.
    01-25-10 07:07 PM
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    Amazing! A device with the worst battery life.
    01-25-10 09:14 PM
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    Amazing! A device with the worst battery life.
    My battery pretty much lasts a whole day.. so..
    01-26-10 10:22 AM