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    delete thread pls! all members posting are just jumping to conclusions and assume i'm just careless of my hardware!
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    02-20-10 02:10 AM
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    stop drinking! probably be able to remeber when you drop it......
    02-20-10 07:50 AM
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    Sorry but I don't do what you do on the regular.....in other words, I DONT drink, and don't make any ridiculous comments unless you get your $h!t straight

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    02-20-10 11:40 AM
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    What answer did you expect? Plastic just doesnt crack on its on spontaneously.

    Sure there are a few RARE issues with some hairline cracks but the odds of owning 6 that did are astronomical.

    And whats up with the posted from Crackberry
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    02-20-10 11:53 AM
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    He's probably just using the wapforums on his iPhone (if he isn't trolling).

    I went through 3 iPhones that has hairline cracks. 2 3G and 1 3GS.
    02-20-10 12:00 PM
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    Yeh but theyre 6 3GSs, the phone has only been out for 7.5 months, thats 1 a month since release. At least you had 2 3Gs over more time. Sounds pretty unbelievable.
    02-20-10 12:16 PM
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    Oh yea, I never said I believed him.

    This is almost as bad as the guy in the Android forums saying he went through 7 Droids because apps were opening by themselves. Then he went on to say the Pre+ was doing the same exact thing to him.
    02-20-10 12:20 PM
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    i dont need you guys to believe me. but the initial question was "what you think i should do now" anyways, i got my replacement because it was hairline crack on it. and there hasnt been a single drop since i had it. sounds unbelievable but what had happened is true!
    02-20-10 10:11 PM
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    Since you are asking "what you think i should do now", I would suggest selling it and buying a Nexus One from T-Mobile. I heard their cases NEVER crack.
    02-21-10 12:27 AM
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    damn... i thought this site was supposed to be helpful. but then we all come across those people who are trying to be a smart a** and just ruins the whole experience of being a member on CB. anyways, mods......CLOSE THIS DAMN THREAD
    02-21-10 01:13 AM
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    Sorry your having problems with your iPhone I always hate to see that, and sorry everyone is being aholes as well but this is cb and your in an iPhone thread we all get ripped on everyday I guess there taking it out on you. I would say stick it out until the 4G comes and see what the material is on that one. Or you could do like one poster said and try out the nexus when it hits AT&T this spring, I myself have never experienced this but then again my phone is never put down except to be charged in it's dock.
    02-21-10 01:20 AM
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    Its not really about being aholes, its just a hard story to believe. A case also doesnt 100% guarantee its not the user putting stress on the casing, its only a thin plastic shell and even small bumps or amounts of pressure can put stress on it sometimes. But the common response is to blame the item itself because it "sucks"

    One maybe 2 with manufacturing defects, but every single one of the 6 becomes very suspicious spontaneously cracking for one person when the 3GS has only been out 7.5-8 months. You hear about it happening, sure, but very sporadically over a wide user base. The probability of one person getting that many bad ones in a row is higher than being struck by lightning and winning the lottery combined.

    Also, Apple quality control is generally better than most other manufacturers as has the highest consumer satisfaction by far for the past few years.
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    Oh dear......
    02-21-10 04:54 AM
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    how about posting some pictures to show what area of the case is cracked.
    02-21-10 07:58 AM
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    What would you honestly like us to tell you to do? If you had this many problems with cracks, get a different device. Unless you want to keep going back and get more until you have a perfect device. Those are really your only options.
    02-21-10 01:51 PM
  16. asianmafia1121's Avatar
    Get the iPhone 2G! It has an aluminum back so it won't crack.
    02-21-10 08:25 PM
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    I'd be up for trading, I could deal with some hairline scratches, pm me
    02-21-10 08:30 PM
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    Put a damn silicon case on it, that way you will avoid breaking it each time you drop it. I'm surprised Apple actually replaced it for you 6 times.
    02-21-10 09:28 PM
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    What would you honestly like us to tell you to do? If you had this many problems with cracks, get a different device. Unless you want to keep going back and get more until you have a perfect device. Those are really your only options.

    10 char
    02-22-10 08:33 AM
  20. dcgore's Avatar
    I think it is pretty evident the issue is due to how you handle the phone. I've had just one 3gs and i have not had problems and not many out there have had their phones raplaced six times for cracks. Could it be the case you have the phone in?
    02-22-10 08:40 AM
  21. scorpiodsu's Avatar
    I won't call the OP a liar because I don't know what's going on but at the same time, I think the thread is pretty silly. Not sure what they want people to tell them. If I had a device that kept breaking and it had to be replaced 5 or 6 times, then I would reconsider if I still want that device. I do still want it, then the obvious answer is to keep getting it replaced until you get one that doesn't break. Not sure what else they want people to tell them. AVT said it best.
    02-22-10 10:58 AM
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    6th iphone ?? pretty crazy. maybe stop sitting on it??
    02-22-10 11:01 AM
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    6th cracking phone? Geez thats alot. Not sure how that many would crack... you should post some pics.
    02-23-10 01:10 AM
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    To the OP, did you ever get it figured out? Just wondering. Oh and when you post stuff that sounds fishy people are going to point it out. Just the way that it goes on the forums. One poster said it best, we take **** from the Berry crew all day, got to get our licks in when we can. LOL Hope you get one that can put up with whatever it is that you do to crack your phone.
    02-23-10 01:45 AM