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    So I finally want to be able to use my 3GS on my network (T-Mo) and have convinced a couple buddies to do the same, since I can same them significant on their monthly bills. One has a 3GS on firmware 4.1 and the other a iPhone4. I read through the sticky on the main page but the ways provided there only seem to be for 3.1.2 and lower. Any info you gurus could provide would be very welcomed and appreciated. So to be used on T-Mobile don't these things need to be unlocked? Do they first need to be jailbroken to do this? Love some clarification...
    12-06-10 09:08 PM
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    Ah, I found a better way to word this in the search function and it looks like there is no unlock/jailbreak for 4.0 or 4.1. ****E! Up a crick?
    12-07-10 12:34 PM
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    I had my iPhone 3G 16gb unlocked and jailbroken on T-Mobile, and it sucked not having 3G speeds. I have experienced 3G speeds faster than some Wi-Fi connections. The phone isn't as fun if you don't have 3G now that I'm on ATT.

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    12-07-10 10:06 PM
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    If you're using internet a lot I'm sure that would matter, I and my buddies do very little. I'm just having them try out t-mo on the non-contracted plans to see if they want it so I can save them BUKO BUCKS! I've informed them that they'll lose 3G, they still want to try it, can't blame 'em.
    12-08-10 10:32 AM
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    I think there's some place here locally that unlocks phones for like $40, guess I'll call or visit them.

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    12-09-10 08:07 PM