1. Zed Leppelin's Avatar
    App store link: iTunes Store

    From the devs:
    * Saves web site login credentials, personal identity information (such as names, addresses and telephone numbers), a variety of information that you might find in your wallet (licenses, social security numbers, credit cards, etc.), and freeform secure notes to store any data you'd like to keep safe from prying eyes.
    * Locks your data behind both a four-digit unlock code and a master password, both of which you configure. Even if your mobile device is stolen or misplaced, your 1Password data is safe.
    * Has a browser built right into it. Tap a saved login and you're immediately taken to the site, your credentials filled in, ready to be submitted.
    * [BSyncs safely and securely with 1Password for the Mac[/B] over a WiFi connection, provided both the mobile device and the Mac are on the same network. The sync is two-way, so new information can be easily added on your mobile device and synced back to your Mac! To read up on how to sync you can check it out in the 1Password for Mac User Guide.
    * Data backup Version 2.1 added the ability to download your data to your Desktop (Mac or PC), enabling you to backup all your important information and restore it if needed.
    * Copy and Paste 1Password Pro adds the ability to Copy and Paste information. This enables you to copy passwords into other applications as well as copying Credit Card numbers into purchase web forms.
    * Better Safari Integration 1Password Pro provides enhanced integration with Mobile Safari. Using a bookmark from within Safari, you can launch 1Password to quickly find your Login information, copy the password, and be automatically taken back to Safari so you can login.
    Great app, just thought I'd share. Free until December first.
    11-26-09 04:41 PM
  2. Zukin's Avatar
    Awesome thanks! Gonna try it out
    11-26-09 06:19 PM
  3. dknyberry's Avatar
    Thanks for the heads up, but what's the difference between this and the Keeper app that is always free in iTunes? And how do you know that there's no code written in these programs to send all you password info to their servers?

    I wish the iPhone came with a built in password keeper like there is on the Blackberry.
    11-27-09 07:48 AM
  4. Zed Leppelin's Avatar
    Not familiar with Keeper but as for the stealing passwords the Apple approval system does it's job pretty well.

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    11-28-09 08:05 AM
  5. LaPerla's Avatar
    cool thanks!!
    11-28-09 01:22 PM
  6. Zukin's Avatar
    I actually like this app. Nicely layed out, and I tested it last night & loving every minute of it.
    11-28-09 02:55 PM