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    Just ran across this. 10 apps that show off either the dual-core A5 processor power, the upgraded camera, or work with Siri. Some free, some not. I already had a few, but picked up another freebie (Photosynth for panorama shots. Already had 360Panorama, both are nice apps if you like to take pics.) I'm not into games much at all, but there is a galaxy game that looks pretty cool (pricey at $9.99 tho).

    There is some variety, if anyone is interested:
    10 Apps That Show Off the iPhone 4S's New Features - Slideshow from PCMag.com
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    10-28-11 06:35 AM
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    Some nice apps

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    10-28-11 11:59 PM
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    Good list.
    10-29-11 03:34 AM