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    This is making me nuts. Love my iPhone so much I got a Macbook Pro to replace my creaky desktop. (Lest anyone comment that I drank too much of the kool-aid or fell down the Apple hole, it's a dual boot system with Win7, had to keep my financial software for work.

    I have read blog after article after forum post till my head is spinning. But haven't encountered my situation yet. Most of those are about couples or family users who want to keep calendars, iTunes, etc separate. I'm the only user of both devices.

    I use the same iTunes account for purchases on both devices (so far).
    On i4S I have iCloud set up.
    Need to set up iCloud on the MBP.
    I want to be able to sync the i4S to the MBP (calendars and reminders).
    90% of my calendar & reminder entries are done on the i4S.

    I was going to create a different iCloud ID for MBP to get extra storage (or separate from i4S). But I'm not sure if that would create more issues.

    Does anyone with experience with multiple devices have any suggestions on how best to approach this without creating a bunged up mess? Share an iCloud account or have separate iClouds per device?
    02-17-12 07:41 AM
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    There is a lot of information here, but if I understand correctly you want to have all your data sync seamlessly among multiple devices, right?

    I say simply have iCloud setup on EVERYTHING. It works the same if you have Gmail (email, Calendar and Contacts) setup on everything (via Exchange), hence any change on one device, will show on the other...
    02-17-12 09:39 AM
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    I would say it depends on your intention.
    If your objective is to be able to use iCloud separately for both devices as cloud back-up only, then setting up two separate accounts may be a good idea.
    However, if you will need iCloud to sync content (files, pictures, etc.) between your Apple devices, then you may want to stick to just one iCloud account. I am not an Apple expert but AFAIK you can't sync content between two iCloud accounts. As such, you are right when you say that it may just create a mess.

    Here's another option though.
    If you want, you can proceed in creating two iCloud accounts, and use them as dedicated cloud back-up locations for your devices.
    Then, for files that you wish to share between devices, you may want to just register for a free account with the various cloud storage services out there.

    Here are some of the ones I use. kindly note I am attaching referral links because some of these sites reward referrers with increase in storage, and then there are some that reward both the referrer and the person referred.
    You can always just register with them on your own, but in case you feel generous (after all it will be of no hassle/disadvantage to you whatsoever), then you may click on the referral links and register for your account.

    SugarSync - great service across different/various platforms. stable, reliable service.

    DropBox - good service across different platforms.

    Box.com - good service for cloud storage/collaboration. limited capabilities for native apps on different platforms but web service very good. Just head on to Box.com and register.

    ZumoDrive - good cloud storage/sharing service. unique because it creates a pseudo-drive ( e.g. Drive Z: ) for your computer, where you can drag/drop files onto for immediate sync to your account.

    Minus - good service for large files, up to 2Gb per file. intended for public sharing but can be configured to keep your files private.
    You're invited to join Minus!

    CX - another free cloud storage/sharing service
    02-17-12 11:09 AM
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    Thank you both! Yes, navi, your first sentence is correct. I can do a sync by hooking my phone up to MBP, but having it done OTA would be nice. One reason I'm reluctant to share one iCloud between devices is because sometimes I get a sporadic message on i4s my storage is at capacity and need to buy more. (Ridiculous, it's only Calendars, Contacts and Reminders. No emails, no docs.). But last i4S cloud backup I didn't get that message so maybe it's a glitch. If not, if MBP shares the cloud, then I run into a storage issue.

    aj.bb.fanatic, you might well have found a very happy medium for me. I've never used online storage till i4s (leery of it, privacy concerns, etc.) So have never explored what's out there. I'll take a look at some of those sites, and sure, since you went to all the trouble I'll use the referral link.
    02-17-12 01:05 PM
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    02-17-12 03:30 PM
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    Wow, thank you ugahairydawgs, I've not seen that guide before (have seen a lot a MacRumors but nothing nearly as concise as that). It will help, I appreciate it!

    I just now quickly skimmed it and one thing that caught my eye is they show how to create multiple iCloud accounts just on a single i4S. Interesting, didn't know that was even remotely possible...
    02-18-12 02:19 PM