1. gzigoris's Avatar
    If what Steve jobs said is true and only 1/2 of 1% of IPhone 4 owners have complained about reception, what's the big deal anyway. How many people wanted to throw their Storms against the wall when they first came out? November 22 I will be leaving Verizon for AT&T to get an IPhone4 if Verizon doesn't get it. Personally I think Apple did it right the first time and has been great since then.

    07-18-10 09:14 PM
  2. shawnomega's Avatar
    I think the big deal was in the way it was handled. Even though some thought that the case think was a good step, Jobs came off as arrogant and remorseless to some. I thought it was ok, could he have handled it better? Yes. But the case thing was a step he didn't have to take if the numbers are true in the amount of handsets that are experiencing the problem.
    07-18-10 09:35 PM
  3. pilsbury's Avatar
    As I stated, if we were talking about any other phone manufacturer, this wouldnt be an issue. Haters hate, period.
    07-18-10 10:10 PM
  4. flashman03's Avatar
    What do people expect on a BB forum??? I bet Tipb is no different towards BB in terms of how many people look down on them. The iPhone has a flaw...a flaw that is not an issue for most. Does that flaw make it a terrible phone? No. In terms of initial launch Apple is not immune, look at the 1G. It did not roll out perfectly so it is reasonable to think that no matter how much you try to be perfect, you overlook somethings.
    07-18-10 10:27 PM
  5. pilsbury's Avatar
    valid points. I wasnt limiting my comment at the folks on this forum, I was speaking in a generality. I have nothing bad to say about Blackberries, I used them for 5+ years, and they served me well.
    07-18-10 10:38 PM
  6. chuckh0308's Avatar
    I suspect many iPHone owners refuse to admit there is a problem even if they are experiencing it. Just because they haven't complained doesn't mean only 1/2% have the problem. That said, the problem itself really isn't the end of the world. The biggest issue is the arrogant attitude and poor handling of the situation. And yes, we have seen the same type of attitude from RIM and many other companies. Steve Jobs though is a total d-bag. Good thing they don't screw up that often because he wouldn't be able to do damage control to save his life.

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    07-18-10 11:03 PM