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    There are a lot of Blackberry users that choose a Blackberry over other smart phones on the market. Some of you may say it is the ease of use. Some will say it is for the security that that it offers. In the world today, you can't go wrong with being over secure about everything. You will never know when you will get you ID stolen, your contacts, or bank about info stolen. We all know that there are many programs available for Blackberries. Well I am here to tell you about another one that is available to Blackberry users. It is called Lookout Mobile. Setup for this program is very easy. Just visit there website, create and account then install the program on your Blackberry. It took me about 5 minutes to set it up. I don't know if this program will be a free to use app or a pay to use app. I can say this, I will be glad to pay for this app.

    Lookout Mobile offers these features for Blackberry users.

    Anti-Virus Scans + Firewall/IPS

    We all connect are Blackberries to are PC’s or Macs to backup our data, update software, or transfer music or photos. With the Anti-Virus Scans that there software provides. It will stop Anti-Virus threats from going from your PC to your Blackberry. Not only does it scan those files you transfer to your Blackberry. It also scans programs that you download OTA to your Blackberry.

    Data Backup

    Everyone has a contact list on their Blackberry. At times it is hard for use to connect our Blackberries to our computers to back our contacts. Let’s not forget about those photos that we of our kids playing at the water park, or that look your 3 years old face after getting hit with a snow ball. There is no need to worry. With Lookout Mobile Security, keeping those contact lists, photos secure, and backed up is simple. Just launch the program from you Blackberry and click backup and it is done. If you ever lose your Blackberry, no need to worry. Restoring your contacts and photos is as simple as backing them up. Let me not forget to say that Lookout Mobile provides easy user 1.5GB of Backup space with your account.

    Missing Device

    We you lose your Blackberry you start to freak out.

    “Where did I put that at?” “I just had it in my hand!”

    Those are common when you misplace are Blackberries. With the Missing Device feature, you can locate you Blackberry via GPS. It will pin point your Blackberry down to the feet. If you know where you lost or misplaced your Blackberry at but not sure. You can even activate the Scream feature. It will send a text to your Blackberry to activate the feature. Let me tell you this. It is loud and be very annoy. If you go long hours and still can find your Blackberry. You can use the Nuke feature. It will send a text to your Blackberry and just as the feature is named. It will Nuke all your data on your Blackberry. If it has been a few days sense you have backed up you Blackberries data. Then head over to there site, sign in and you can backup your data by sending a text to your Blackberry.

    There program is currently in beta. If you like to sign up for a chance to get chosen for the private beta then head over to there site. There program is not open to all Blackberry device just a selete hand full for the time being. That hand full included the Curve, Bold, and the Tour. If you own one of those Blackberries then head over and check it out.

    If you like to try this program out. Then visit there website to create an account. There website is Lookout Mobile.

    Once you have your account created. Use your Blackberry Browser and go to this link to download the beta program. The link is Loookout Mobile Beta App for Blackberry.

    Again this program is in beta. If you like to leave feedback about this program then do so on there there feedback page. Here is the link Feedback

    Here are seme screen shots of the program installed on my Blackberry Tour.

    Attachment 57476 Attachment 57477

    Attachment 57478 Attachment 57479

    Attachment 57480 Attachment 57481

    Attachment 57482 Attachment 57485
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    Thanks oliv2915 for the great review! We have an updated Blackberry Beta version that is located at: mylookout-dot-com, -slash- berrybeta. If you go to this site from your Blackberry, you can download the latest beta version. (It will automatically detect whether you are on a supported device.) Thanks for being a supporter!
    03-31-10 03:02 PM
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    Thanks for the update on that. I will download that here shortly.
    04-13-10 02:03 PM
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    Just downloaded this because I saw it on the front page. I am very impressed! Works great and looks great too. It provides three things that I really like in one great app. On top of all this its free! Don't think you can ask for anything more!
    04-14-10 04:59 AM
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    I wanted to let you know that this app is in beta at this time. The vendor has not released, that I know of, if this will be paid app or not. Given the track record of the Smart Guard app, I am almost be safe to say that this app will be a paid one.
    04-14-10 12:07 PM
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    I downloaded it and tried the find my phone. all it did was send a text message to my phone, but never loacated it. Sending the text and alerting who ever has the phone if it was stolen is stupid.
    04-14-10 06:33 PM
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    Did you create an account at there website? Also, did you enable the GPS and make sure the app was signed in on your phone? Those things can cause this problem. If you did those things then I would leave a feedback with them as this app is still in beta.
    04-16-10 07:14 AM
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    Bringing back an old thread here... Did Lookout drop support for Blackberry?

    I am unable to download it anymore. It was the only application I could use while on BES.

    EDIT: Nevermind... Looks like they're dropping support for Blackberry altogether.

    I was able to backup the necessary COD file to reinstall it on my 9850 (which works fine), but I can't rely on a service that is going to go "belly up" soon for Blackberry.

    Sadly, I'm starting to get a little sick and tired of the lack of application support for Blackberries in general.
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    thanks for the update and for sharing.
    04-13-12 01:34 PM
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    In my opinion,no matter the mobile and the computer,as long as you connect it to the Internet,you will need a antivirus software.My smartphone and two computers all install Norton 360.It's very useful.I never worry about my exploring on Internet.
    11-23-12 02:02 AM
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