1. Bookshelf's Avatar
    The Amazon Kindle app works but does have some limitations-
    First- it will only open kindle books you buy through your phone or have in your amazon archive.Even if you bought the book from Amazon and its DRM free, it wont open if- You transfer it via Sd card, you move it to system memory, or you email it to yourself. It will also not download documents sent to your kindle account and converted to kindle format. You can email the document to yourself and open them as docs but not using the kindle app. Im fresh out of idea of how to solve these limitation.
    Hopefully someone else will find a work around. I havent tried the same procedures on a Q10, Z-10, Z30 or Playbook.
    11-25-13 01:07 PM
  2. anon1727506's Avatar
    Not really sure what your problem is... I'm using the Kindle app for BlackBerry World on my Z10 and I can send files to my Kindle Account email and it will format then and I can access them on my Z10.

    I have also used Calibre to reformat books to the "mobi" format and have saved them to the Kindle directory on my Z10 and the app will open them.

    The app does crash from time to time and has lost my spot in a book a few times... but it will work good enough.
    11-25-13 02:42 PM

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