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    Hi folks,

    We have added a BB interface for our upcoming QwikDESK app and would love to get your feedback on the product from all you entrepreneurs or small businesses here on Crackberry.

    Please check it out at Dalco Technologies. You can test QwikDESK and its big brother, QwikTEAM by clicking 'Try' from the menu, or the green [Try them!] on the main page.

    QwikDESK is designed primarily for smaller mobile devices - smartphones and tablets - but runs great on all computers. It uses HTML5, js and web services to access and deliver information to and from a central company database.

    It handles all your prime information needs in one (hopefully) intuitive interface: contacts, connections, histories, emails, to do, appointments, callbacks, in-house messaging, opportunities and Google Apps/MS Live links.

    With our one-price-for-all policy, everyone in the company can use QwikDESK and not only manage all their information, but also be part of the customer process, feeding leads to sales, adding new contacts, linking to social and other sites, messaging and collaborating with others...

    Additionally, QwikDESK includes:

    • QwikSITE - allows you to add any number of social site and other links to specific contacts in QwikDESK.
    • QwikFILE - uses a desktop-based proxy to deliver file information and files from your desktop computer to any of your devices, or to other recipients.

    QwikTEAM is a full-blown CRM system, designed for the Sales and Service teams, working with the same database as QwikDESK. QwikTEAM is designed primarily for larger screen computers. It includes everything that QwikDESK has plus SFA, template-design, online word processing, bulk emailing/phone lists, help desk ticketing, and more.

    You can see all the specs and get full information at Dalco Technologies.

    We've worked really hard to develop QwikDESK as a unique information and sales management solution to help entrepreneurs and SMBs build stronger customer relationships and manage collaboration and information.

    QwikTEAM/QwikDESK are unique in a couple of ways. They include:

    1. Free for the first 3 users.
    2. One low annual price thereafter, regardless of the number of users.
    3. Installed privately, completely under your control - no commingling with other installations.

    If you'd like to "go live", let me know at: fredd_bb@dalcotech.com. Our hosting partner, SmarterASP.net, has developed a "one-click" installation that sets you up with your own private cloud installation. It's free for 60 days, then about $5 a month thereafter. We will also be offering a self-hosted version a bit later.

    If you go live we have an email sync app that runs on your desktop to keep all your emails (Outlook and others) and Outlook appointments in sync with Qwik. There's an import program available as well that imports directly from Outlook or from any file source.

    We have started a forum site - you can link to it from http://dalcotech.com > Help.

    We are only a couple of guys trying to bring a good product to small business and entrepreneurs, so take it easy on us... My passion is to provide small businesses with fair-priced solutions that give them more power to take on the big guys and to succeed in this very competitive and mobile market.

    We've been around for a while with a variant of QwikTEAM but now that we've developed QwikDESK, we're hoping to see some traction and your feedback will help us immensely.

    I've set up a BB email address if you want to connect with me directly: fredd_bb@dalcotech.com. I'd appreciate any comments you'd like to send me.

    Thanks in advance
    Fred Dalgleish
    CEO, Dalco Technologies
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    Thanks for sharing!
    09-18-13 08:37 PM
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    10-06-13 12:09 AM
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    Thanks, looking forward to check it out further.

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    10-06-13 12:11 AM

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