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    WhiteShark DiveLog

    Whiteshark DiveLog is an application designed to provide to BlackBerry 10 scuba divers a tool through which you can track diary of their dives.

    Developed in collaboration with an expert in diving, we tried to make the application as simple as possible and immediate, taking care of every aspect of the same in every detail, from graphics to usability.

    With Whiteshark DiveLog the user will have different features through which you can:

    - Record data of detail of diving
    - Record the data of its patents
    - Manage your personal information and ICE
    - Analyze statistics of diving
    - Manage favorites
    - Apply search filter

    It will also have the ability to view a map of the places at which he did dive or may share information with friends or acquaintances by connecting to social networks.

    The application is completed with a useful function of full-text search which will be able to search all information on diving and export search.

    New features will be added in the future, such as the ability to export all data to Excel and more.

    The application is developed in native language to offer users the best user experience of BlackBerry 10 and is currently localized in English and Italian.

    To make the start into the DiveLog application as easy as possible we have included demo content of diving to help you to become familiar with the functionality of the application. To enable this feature simply go into the settings of DiveLog and select "Demo Mode".

    WhiteShark DiveLog is available on BlackBerry World.

    Price: 2,99$

    Do you want to test the application before purchasing it? Download Whiteshark DiveLog Light, fully functional free version. Limitations of Light version:

    - Statistics diving limited
    - Dynamic Search absent
    - Manage favorites absent
    - Backup and Restore absent

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    WhiteShark DiveLog-img_20150213_233637.png
    WhiteShark DiveLog-img_20150213_233502.png
    WhiteShark DiveLog-img_20150228_234251.png
    03-04-15 01:43 PM
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    Good luck with your app.

    Here's the link for the divers amongst us:

    WhiteShark DiveLog - BlackBerry World

    And the light/free version

    WhiteShark DiveLog Light - BlackBerry World
    03-04-15 05:38 PM
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    Thanks dev.

    Posted via my Passport on OS SR
    03-04-15 05:42 PM
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    Good luck with your app.
    03-05-15 01:28 AM
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    It's a awesome app

    03-08-15 07:25 AM