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    Greetings fellow CB members!

    I've put together a Free "Lite" version of What's On? and it is now available for download in BlackBerry World.

    It's basically a stripped down copy of the premium version of What's On? with several of the Key selling features removed, but you can still upgrade to the full version from within the app to get all the premium features if you choose! Or you can grab the full version here

    About What's On?:

    This native app allows you to stay up to date with the latest TV News, Listings, Schedules and more!

    Features Include:

    • The latest TV related news from TV Rage.
    • Add your favorite shows for quick and easy access.
    • A 7-day Prime-Time TV schedule.
    • Saved shows are automatically highlighted in the schedule.
    • Choose the country's channels for the schedule. Currently supported: US, CA, UK, AU.
    • Detailed series information with show and episode summary's and air dates.
    • Search the TV database.
    • Active frame scrolls through the latest TV news items.
    • Various keyboard shortcuts for QWERTY users.

    *** Z10, Z30, Q10 and Q5 are all supported! *** Minimum OS 10.1

    Plus I'm planning to add more features in future updates and feedback and feature requests are encouraged!!

    NOTE: Only new episodes appear in the schedule, repeat episodes do not! - Also please be sure to select the US schedule if you watch US Broadcast Television, otherwise you will ONLY see channels that are physically located in the country you choose!

    BlackBerry World Link: BlackBerry World - What's On? Lite

    BlackBerry World QRCode:

    Price: FREE!

    A few Screenshots (more in BB World):
    What's On? Free "Lite" Version Now Available! - Built in Native Cascades!-f_01.png What's On? Free "Lite" Version Now Available! - Built in Native Cascades!-f_02.png
    What's On? Free "Lite" Version Now Available! - Built in Native Cascades!-f_06.png What's On? Free "Lite" Version Now Available! - Built in Native Cascades!-f_07.png

    About App Permissions:
    This application asks for BBM and Calendar permissions. It connects to BBM to allow you to invite others to download, and Calendar permissions are needed so you can set calendar reminders from the schedule (Full Version Only).

    Main Site: Jason Oickle | Independent BlackBerry Developer
    Twitter: @JasonOickle
    Facebook: What's On? Facebook Page
    BBM Channel:
    What's On? Free "Lite" Version Now Available! - Built in Native Cascades!-whatson_bbm_channel_barcode.png

    You can also reach me here on CrackBerry.

    I hope you enjoy this app!
    Attached Thumbnails What's On? Free "Lite" Version Now Available! - Built in Native Cascades!-whatsonlite_bbw_qr.png  
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    I'm going to have to check that out!
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    09-11-13 03:22 PM

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