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    Echo is the last app on Blackerry 10 for Voice Recordings, with Echo you allows to easily record, play and share your voice recordings.
    Echo is designed for are fast and easy, from recording a new note, to playing it, to sharing it, all in 3 taps, but Echo isn't only this.

    With Echo you can differentiate your voice notes with a 18 categories, fully customizable, whether by name, both for color.

    All the Echo features are accessible and usable for FREE. In app purchase is only for remove banners with only 0.99 $

    You can set in first time with pre settings at first start, or in second time to setting page (accessible with a swipe down).

    ★★★ Record (Default Value) ★★★

    ★ Assign name automatically to new note (enabled)
    ★ Play System Sound on start record (disabled)
    ★ Play System Sound on stop record (disabled)
    ★ Play one vibration on start record (disabled)
    ★ Flash light when recording (disabled)
    ★ Seven different Flash Light color, working if 'Flash light when recording' is enabled. (Magenta)
    ★ Max recording Time. Four options: Disable, 1 minutes, 5 minutes and 10 minutes (disabled)
    ★ Embed the default category to new note, if present (enabled)
    ★ Different Theme layout for Recorder page. Three options: White, Orange, Dark (White)

    ★★★ Player (Default Value) ★★★

    ★ Sort group date note (Ascending)
    ★ Play, Stop and Share priority access

    ★★★ Player (Context menu) ★★★
    ★★ Activable with tap and hold on a note ★★
    ★ Share your note fast via BBM, mail and NFC Tag.
    ★ See details of your note: name, date, time, size, duration, permission and Text attached if present. Here you can also Share and/or Export note.
    ★ Export your Note audio files.
    ★ Lock/Unlock your Note.
    ★ Add, Edit or Remove attached text.
    ★ Add, Edit or Remove Category Tag.
    ★ Rename the name of your note.
    ★ Delete your note.

    ★★★ Player (Actions) ★★★
    ★★ Actions menu on the right ★★
    ★ Search for Category
    ★ Search for Name
    ★ Import Note
    ★ Backup
    ★ Restore: from Local and/or from DropBox if active on device.
    ★ Set BBM status message
    ★ Remove Banners

    ★★★ Category (Default Value) ★★★

    ★ Set default category when adding new category. Three options: No, Yes, Prompt (No)
    ★ 18 different categories for different note and fast search.
    ★ Tap and hold on a category do activated the context menu for edit (color and/or name), set to default and/or delete it.

    ★★★ Security (Default Value) ★★★

    ★ Delete all data. Button for reset your app to default setting and delete note and attachment. Requires the insertion of the word 'echo', once started the operation is irreversible.
    ★ Request password on start application (disabled)
    ★ Protect note with a password. Three options: Always, Prompt and Never. (Never)
    ★ Request password when note status change 'Locked to Unlocked' (disabled)
    ★ Request password when note status change 'Unlocked to Locked' (disabled)
    ★ Possibity to change Password
    ★ Reset Password, if you have forget, with a code. Send code to support via mail and will received the callback code to reset.

    ★★★ Import/Export (Default Value) ★★★

    ★ Delete note after export. Three options: No, Yes, Prompt (No)
    ★ Import note to manage in app

    ★★★ Backup/Restore (Default Value) ★★★

    ★ Local Backup in '/documents' folder (enabled)
    ★ DropBox Backup, required DropBox active on device. (disabled)
    ★ Secure Backup, with Pizzino 2.0 tecnology (always active)

    Disclaimer: The use of recordings made through this app, depending on their content, may be subject to various local laws in your region. Pease review local laws and use at your own discretion.

    Echo - The last voice recorder-1.pngEcho - The last voice recorder-2.pngEcho - The last voice recorder-4.pngEcho - The last voice recorder-6.pngEcho - The last voice recorder-7.pngEcho - The last voice recorder-8.pngEcho - The last voice recorder-9.pngEcho - The last voice recorder-10.pngEcho - The last voice recorder-11.pngEcho - The last voice recorder-12.pngEcho - The last voice recorder-18.pngEcho - The last voice recorder-20.png
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    07-30-14 04:24 AM
  2. Elite1's Avatar
    Nice looking UI. Love that cassette tape graphic too!

    Congrats on the release and good luck with your app.
    07-30-14 05:51 AM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    Good luck with your app. I, too, like the graphics.

    Unless I missed it, the link is

    Echo - BlackBerry World
    07-30-14 09:43 AM
  4. markus2107's Avatar
    I've got a problem: Every time I want to listen to an audio note, an error appears.

    "This audio note has been removed from its original pastion Snyc the database [...]"

    But when I try to sync, it says: 0 items fixed....

    Don't know what's up with that app...
    10-10-17 11:15 AM

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