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    Hi CrackBerry Nation,

    I have to say that I'm really satisfied with icons, controls and BlackBerry 10 philosophy at all, but some friends and users I know was complaining for icon organizing in BB10. They said me they are bothered they can't make groups of apps or blank screen with just few apps. For example in the bottom row.

    I was thinking how can I do that and I think I figured it out! Answer is simple - blank icon. Simple but powerful solution if you want to organize icon order on your own. So with my friend we made this app and it's available in BlackBerry World for $.99. Just put these blank icons where you want to have blank space, you can make as many "gaps" as you wish.

    Boundless icon organizing with GapCreator: Icon Organizer (BlackBerry 10.3)-img_20141014_201615.jpgBoundless icon organizing with GapCreator: Icon Organizer (BlackBerry 10.3)-img_20141014_201737.pngBoundless icon organizing with GapCreator: Icon Organizer (BlackBerry 10.3)-img_20141014_201750.pngBoundless icon organizing with GapCreator: Icon Organizer (BlackBerry 10.3)-img_20141014_201804.pngBoundless icon organizing with GapCreator: Icon Organizer (BlackBerry 10.3)-img_20141014_201844.png

    Best results are in the new OS BlackBerry 10.3, because in this OS the dark background under icons is gone. You can see result on the screenshots. Last thing - every icon needs label so we put a dot in there. It's the smallest possible character and it will help you to find the gap at the same time.

    Look for the GapCreator: Icon Organizer in BlackBerry World
    10-14-14 01:38 PM
  2. RafiqK's Avatar

    Posted via CB on my BlackBerry Z30
    10-14-14 01:39 PM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    Seems intriguing. Any chance of using some of those even tinier old ascii high order characters?

    But in any event, a link for those interested:

    Gap Creator Icon Organizer - BlackBerry World
    10-14-14 03:16 PM

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