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    App Name:
    Auto Block

    Tired of spammers irritating you with their advertisements and scams via SMS and email? Is there some crazy ex-partner that is constantly bugging you and you want to completely cut out of your life? Wish there was a way to automatically filter them out of your inbox without it affecting the conversations that actually matter in your life?

    Auto Block is the answer! This app will let you select which messages you consider to be spam, and tag them as such. The app will then begin monitoring your SMS and email inbox for any of the senders you marked to be spam and automatically delete them! You will not hear any notifications or see a blinking LED to disrupt your attention. Anyone who is on your contact list will not be affected, and their messages are never going to be inspected.

    To deal with spammers who constantly change their numbers and email addresses, Auto Block has the new "keyword filter" feature. This allows you to pick, or manually add common keywords that the spammers use in their subject lines or message bodies and if future messages contain one of these words up to a specific threshold, then the message will automatically be marked as spam.

    And to make it even easier for our users to discover more and more spammers, Auto Block now has the built-in sharing functionality that allows you to sync with our servers to download the latest list of reported spammers. So you no longer have to do the heavy work yourself, but everyone can help each other as a team overcome the spammers from our inboxes.

    • Native Cascades app with beautiful graphics, transitions, and animations. App incorporates all the flow gestures BB10 is known for!
    • App is headless! No need to keep the UI running all the time to do the blocking.
    • Simple, clean and attractive UI with focus on the best user experience.
    • Supports all your email accounts, PIN account, and SMS account so that all spammers can be managed.
    • Easy to unblock blocked contacts, and clear blocked lists.
    • Filtering by Keyword in message Subjects support to block spammers who constantly change their email addresses and SMS numbers.
    • Built-in reporter/updater to discover spammers through other Auto Block users!
    • User-level optimizations to only load messages from a certain number of days ago to reduce load times.
    • Block spammers directly from the BlackBerry 10 Hub by pressing-and-holding on the email and selecting Auto Block!
    • Logging pane available to see all the previously blocked messages as well as message subject/body previews.
    • Completely silent app and will not disrupt your usage when messages are blocked. You have the option to turn on and off the sound alerts.
    • Simple and straightforward tutorials and instructions.
    • Unlimited number of addresses can be put into blocked list.
    • Stable and mature app: Thoroughly tested over the iterations to prevent all crashes, and has been written with performance and usability in mind.
    • Major focus on minimal battery life consumption: The app only reacts when messages arrive on the specific accounts activated and not any others thus reducing CPU usage.
    • Built-in bug-reporter.
    • Active frame shows the last message that was blocked or the total number of messages that are blocked.
    • Permission validation: App recognizes when permissions may be turned off and is stable not to misbehave, but rather it will warn the user.

    Link to BlackBerry World Listing:
    BlackBerry World - Auto Block

    $1.99 CAD (becoming $4.99 CAD as of tomorrow)

    Video Demo:

    Bug Reports and Feature Requests:
    Attached Thumbnails Auto Block: Automatically block and delete spam SMS messages-img_20140218_154144.png   Auto Block: Automatically block and delete spam SMS messages-img_20140218_154203.png   Auto Block: Automatically block and delete spam SMS messages-img_20140218_154231.png   Auto Block: Automatically block and delete spam SMS messages-img_20140218_154439.png   Auto Block: Automatically block and delete spam SMS messages-img_20140218_155629.png  

    Auto Block: Automatically block and delete spam SMS messages-img_20140218_155638.png   Auto Block: Automatically block and delete spam SMS messages-img_20140218_155715.png   Auto Block: Automatically block and delete spam SMS messages-img_20140218_154112.png   Auto Block: Automatically block and delete spam SMS messages-img_20140218_171215.png   Auto Block: Automatically block and delete spam SMS messages-img_20140218_171235.png  

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    04-30-13 09:44 PM
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    there should be an option to block advertising SMS in the settings unless they killed that function, too,,, there is in my 9850,,, good luck w/ your app tho,,, best to you...
    04-30-13 10:25 PM
  3. canadainc's Avatar
    v1.5.1.0 has just been pushed and now includes support for spam-email blocking as well as SMS. Thank you to those still supporting our apps!
    08-02-13 06:10 PM
  4. trsbbs's Avatar
    Keep fighting the good fight.


    Verizon Z10. Running Posted via CB10
    08-02-13 10:12 PM
  5. Hyperhawk's Avatar
    When I run it in the background it does not say active ?
    does not seem to be working right . I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it
    08-31-13 11:31 AM
  6. canadainc's Avatar

    Thank you for your message and purchase. Did you get our reply to your email?

    Posted via CB10
    09-01-13 05:41 AM
  7. Hyperhawk's Avatar
    Yes . very fast replay. does the program only show SMS messages that are blocked not email. seems to always stay at 0
    09-02-13 10:44 AM
  8. canadainc's Avatar
    It shows the total of all the messages blocked. It should be very easy to test. Create an email account in Gmail for testing purposes and send yourself a message. Then block that email sender using the app, then try sending an email again and you should see the count increase.

    Also you can try the same thing with the SMS. Just send yourself a SMS from the online free texting sites, or from a friend's phone, block the number using the app, and retry to verify it gets successfully blocked.

    Let us know if you have any questions.

    Posted via CB10
    09-02-13 11:28 AM
  9. canadainc's Avatar
    By the way if you have any issues or would like to see any specific features in the app, you can reach the development team directly here:
    09-03-13 01:07 PM
  10. canadainc's Avatar
    Headless v2.0 of Auto Block is now out!

    Full change log is here:

    See the screenshot and demo video above.

    What's new?
    • Issue 1 Integrate app with Canada Inc Library
    • Issue 14 Add sharing functionality for spam list
    • Issue 16 Use a single MessageManager? instead of 1 per account.
    • Issue 18 Use custom freeform TitleBar? to give more real-estate for scrolling the message list
    • Issue 19 Implement log sheet
    • Issue 20 Implement keyword filtering algorithm
    • Issue 22 Add tutorials to help users understand all the features
    • Issue 24 Add as share invocation target
    • Issue 25 Change root to be a TabbedPane
    • Issue 26 Add as plaint-text Share invoke target
    • Issue 27 Update assets
    • Issue 29 Use a database for lookups instead of data structure
    • Issue 33 blocks mail not in list
    • Issue 35 Add time limit restriction for loading messages
    • Issue 36 Make the account picker dropdown persistent
    • Issue 37 Make app Q10/Q5 friendly
    • Issue 38 Use multiselect mode for list selections instead of tapping one by one
    • Issue 39 Add whitelist contacts setting
    • Issue 41 Changing accounts while messages are loading causes progress bar flickering
    • Issue 42 Implement headless service
    02-18-14 05:18 PM
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    The new headless Auto Block v2.1 is now live on BlackBerry World! You should receive the update within hours =)

    Be sure to join our BBM Channel [bbmc:C0034D28B] for support and FAQs.
    03-05-14 05:44 PM
  12. canadainc's Avatar
    Thank you for all the support to our users. The app has attained Built For BlackBerry status!

    Auto Block: Automatically block and delete spam SMS messages-builtforblackberry_onwht-copy.png
    03-09-14 10:19 AM
  13. canadainc's Avatar
    Auto Block v2.3 is submitted to BlackBerry World.

    Auto Block is now pending review from BlackBerry. Lots of great changes and major bug fixes have been addressed as well as some usability enhancements as requested by our clients. You can see the full change log here:


    Posted via CB10
    03-26-14 08:54 AM
  14. drmike's Avatar
    Just got the update today from BB WORLD. Will see if the bugs have been addressed recently. Thanks.

    Posted via CB10
    03-28-14 06:35 PM
  15. canadainc's Avatar
    Just got the update today from BB WORLD. Will see if the bugs have been addressed recently. Thanks.

    Posted via CB10
    We have been pretty busy at trying to improve the user experience from all the feedback we received from our user base. We just pushed v2.5.0.0 and it has some additional fixes and features.

    ChangeLog - autoblock - The change log for the app. - Automatically block and delete spam email/SMS messages - Google Project Hosting


    Issue 60 10-letter keywords do not get added
    Issue 61 Lookups are case sensitive
    Issue 62 Show download progress for Update
    Issue 63 Show prompt when performing updates
    Issue 64 Keywords list and Blocked Senders list can take a while to render if you scroll really fast
    Issue 65 General code cleanup and refactoring
    Issue 66 Blocked tab was loading by default
    Issue 67 Implement diagnostic reporting
    03-29-14 04:07 PM
  16. drmike's Avatar
    After a few days of the new update Auto Block has been working perfectly. Thanks to the devs for quick responses to emails.

    This app is so worth the money. Well done!!! Highly recommend.

    Posted via CB10
    canadainc likes this.
    04-01-14 02:06 PM
  17. canadainc's Avatar
    v2.5 update is now live in BlackBerry world!
    04-03-14 09:40 AM
  18. canadainc's Avatar
    We have some great news. As of tomorrow, Auto Block will be going on sale for exactly the period of 1-week.

    The sale brings the app price from $4.99 down to $1.99! Get it cheap before the sale runs out! Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.
    04-03-14 11:38 PM
  19. canadainc's Avatar
    Please note that there is currently one critical outstanding bug in the app that we are investigating:
    04-09-14 12:28 AM
  20. canadainc's Avatar

    AutoBlock v2.7.0.0:
    Issue 65 General code cleanup and refactoring
    Issue 73 Allow user to freely enter any keywords they wish without restrictions
    Issue 74 Implement better bug-reporting
    Issue 75 Bug reports are not being prepared when database transactions failed
    Issue 77 App sometimes shows blank addresses being blocked when invoked via Share Framework through BlackBerry Hub
    Issue 78 Log file name should be based on the process type
    Issue 79 Clean up database on first launch
    Issue 80 App keeps showing successful toast even when transactions fail
    04-12-14 06:30 PM
  21. canadainc's Avatar
    Auto Block v3.0 submitted to BlackBerry World. Pending review.

    * Issue 32 [Paid Add-On]: Feature: Scan sender name & address for keywords
    * Issue 43 [Paid Add-on]: Move spam to the Trash folder instead of permanent deletion
    * Issue 44 [Enhancement] Use a slide-out menu for "Add Keywords" instead of toast
    * Issue 68 Transaction fails if you try to insert to the database too many items
    * Issue 71 Syncing fails if the user has a large local database
    * Issue 73 [Feature] Allow user to freely enter any keywords they wish without restrictions
    * Issue 81 [Enhancement]: Group keyword picker and reported spammers list
    * Issue 83 [Feature] Implement search field in the Blocked tab
    * Issue 84 [Feature] Implement Search field in Keywords tab
    * Issue 85 [Feature] Implement search field in the Logs tab
    * Issue 90 Remove Select All action from element picker screen
    * Issue 91 Look up using third index for message ID when invoked
    * Issue 93 Monitor the file system to determine when the database file is created instead of using a timer
    * Issue 95 [Enhancement] When the user submits a bug report, copy the bug ID to the clipboard
    * Issue 96 Improve logging
    * Issue 97 [Performance] Don't refresh UI on unnecessary persistent storage updates
    * Issue 98 Integrate with tutorial API
    * Issue 100 The "Block" action enabled state is not reset after a block happens and the user switches the account dropdown
    * Issue 101 [Feature]: Allow user to enter text when submitting logs
    * Issue 103 [Feature] Implement setting to let user choose default tab
    * Issue 104 Text with newline characters show up incorrectly in the logs screen
    * Issue 105 [Feature]: Exclude common words from showing up in the keyword parsing
    * Issue 107 Validate email address before adding it
    * Issue 109 Add icon to Update action
    * Issue 110 Reuse progress bar when user is submitting logs
    * Issue 111 If the user does not have any elements in the blocked list and they try to update it doesn't work
    * Issue 112 [Performance] Use new optimized syncing when updating with server to minimize device data
    * Issue 114 [Enhancement]: Long addresses and keywords get truncated in the picker page
    * Issue 116 [Feature] Implement backup & restore
    * Issue 117 [Enhancement] Merge the Add Email Address and Add SMS Sender flows into one
    * Issue 118 [Feature] Implement database optimizer
    * Issue 119 UI behaves unexpectedly if the database is being prepared on first launch
    * Issue 120 After the last message is blocked from an account in the Conversations tab, the empty placeholder doesn't show up
    * Issue 121 [Enhancement] Trigger multiselect mode when a blocked address is tapped in Blocked tab
    * Issue 122 [Enhancement] Group keywords by first character in Keywords tab
    * Issue 124 Scroll Logs pane list to the beginning when a new message is blocked
    * Issue 125 Manual keyword addition capitalizes first letter automatically

    Tutorial video:
    06-16-14 11:02 PM
  22. canadainc's Avatar
    v3.3 submitted to BlackBerry World which now includes Call Blocking! OS 10.3 is required to be able to update to this version.

    Full change log:

    * Issue 13 Add new assets
    * Issue 17 Integrate call blocking feature
    * Issue 89 Do not allow any read/write operations on UI until the database is created
    * Issue 92 Show a spinner slider when the database is still being set up
    * Issue 94 Let the service tell the UI when it is ready
    * Issue 126 Implement error recovery
    * Issue 127 Setup code is doing a lot of unnecessary i/o
    * Issue 129 Implement in-app review feature
    * Issue 131 Change all replacement insertions with ignores
    * Issue 132 Some spammers do not specify a valid email address and a blank email address fails insertion
    * Issue 133 Do not allow null or empty strings into keywords or addresses database
    * Issue 134 Don't allow empty addresses to be selected in conversations tab
    * Issue 135 Implement recovery of corrupted databases
    07-23-14 02:13 PM
  23. canadainc's Avatar
    v3.3 is now live! If you have OS 10.3, you should be able to free yourself of those annoying telemarketers!
    07-29-14 12:19 AM
  24. howards's Avatar
    I have v3.4. Having problem on 10.3.1 with constant permission error message, even though all permissions are on. Thanks!

    Z30 / STA 100-3 /
    10-03-14 08:37 AM
  25. santhoshknn's Avatar

    I'm on and my OS Version is Ever since I updated to the app has been inconsistent. For instance, after the update, BlackBerry always showed the same version as update available. Even after I update, it still showed the same. I finally gave up and then reinstalled and that seemed to have fixed the issue.

    However, all the numbers & emails that I had enabled were all gone. And now, even if I add the phone numbers, it doesn't work. The SMSes come through without being blocked. Is this a bug? I really really love the app and has saved me looking at countless messages that I didn't want to see.

    I checked the app's permissions and everything is enabled. I tried reinstalling again to no avail.

    Help folks?
    10-23-14 05:07 AM
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