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    Have heard yes and no, the Verizon guy said the Droid 2 will sync with Outlook (calendar, contacts, tasks, email, etc) just like my Tour.

    Will the Droid 2 sync with Outlook and will I get my email just like on the BB?

    I want to switch but syncing and email could be a deal breaker....

    Please help/advise. Thanks.
    01-02-11 10:39 PM
  2. pixel8rberry's Avatar
    Ask on Android Central forum. I find all my Android-related answers there.
    01-02-11 11:43 PM
  3. Accidental Post's Avatar
    Here ya go:

    Let me google that for you
    01-03-11 08:22 AM
  4. rlmesq's Avatar
    It's a two step process.

    Outlook <-sync-> Google Calendar <-sync-> Android device

    You need a gmail account. Once you're logged in, set up a Google Calendar.

    Then download the Google Calendar Sync app to your computer.

    Once your Google Calendar is synchronized with Outlook, you can add the gmail account to your Droid and it will also sync with the Google Calendar.

    Getting started with Google Calendar Sync - Google Calendar Help
    01-03-11 06:09 PM
  5. bigdaddynyy's Avatar
    If you are using Outlook connected to an Exchange server, and everything is set up correctly on the server then you should be able to Sync Outlook with your Droid 2 (I have set up various Droids, Droid X's and Droid 2's in my office and all sync flawlessly after setup). Quick way to tell if this will work (not the only way) is if you have Outlook Web Access (OWA) available to connect to your Outlook from a web browser, if you use OWA then everything should be set to allow you to connect and sync to your Droid as my understanding is that OWA configures Microsoft's ActiveSync which is what handles the sync process. If you are not using OWA, you may have to change some settings on your Exchange server if ActiveSync is not set up properly.

    If you do not have an exchange server, then I think you will have to use the Google Sync method, but if you were retrieving everything on your BB, then I assume you have an Exchange server unless you were manually syncing your calendar and contacts by connecting via USB cable.
    01-04-11 09:49 AM
  6. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Will it sync other email accounts in Outlook beside Gmail?

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    01-10-11 05:13 PM