1. ElectroSpud's Avatar
    Does anyone else get some weird text entry nonsense like:

    1. Typing a left parenthesis eats the space before it and adds a space after, so entering "Blah (blah)" comes out "Blah( blah)". Handy if I was writing some code function calls but super annoying otherwise.

    2. Trying to enter an email address in a web form is an exercise in frustration. I can forgive the unwanted capitalizations, but the automatic insertion of a space after the dot or the @ symbol is unforgivable.

    I just realized that complaint #1 applies to other symbols. So e.g. type a space and then% or# or& and it blows off the preceding space just as happened here.

    ... and to get a lower case letter immediately after a period or other symbol you have to fight hard.

    I have spellcheck turned off. I'll be searching for any other "features" I can kill.
    01-09-20 07:12 PM
  2. tmurphx5's Avatar
    Yes, I came across the parenthesis issue today. I expect they will be able to fix it with a software fix
    01-09-20 09:49 PM

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