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  1. black_rain
    So after installing the FRF57 build of Froyo on my Droid ... all of my apps re-downloaded but i can't login to Skype for nothing. It shows up that it is installed in "my downloads" section in the market however it keeps foreclosing whenever i try to login ... has anyone else logged in successfully? any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I tried searchin for it on the market but didn't find it.
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    06-16-10 09:11 PM
  2. black_rain
    ok so i think i found the answer to my own question ... just giving an update just incase anyone else ran into this issue .... after a little analization of my own this is what i've come up with ... having the new froyo installed on the droid and being "rooted"/'modified OS' is the culprit. My findings came from havin an iPhone with a modified/Jailbroken OS and was presented with a message that 'Skype will not work on a modified OS' <--- not exactly what it said but something to that effect
    06-17-10 02:47 PM